Alfa Romeo 164

Alfa Romeo 164IX ’87: official presentation; ’90 Green Ouadrifogiio 3.0 V6, body change; *91/92: stylistic changes; ’93: version of the Q4 with four-wheel drive; ’93/94: stylistic and design changes.

► Technical data
Chassis: then, 4-door, dim.: 4555/1760/1400 mm, luggage. 505 I (410 Q4), weight incl. from 1200 kg. Motors: gasoline 2.0 R4 TS/139-148, 2.0 R4 turbo/171-207, 2.0 V6 turbo/201 -207, 3.0 V6 / 179-197, 3.0 V6 24W207-232, turbodiesel 2.5/114-125 KM.
Chassis: front-wheel drive, man box. 5-running (Q4 – 6) or 4-pole. Or.; zaw. independent. front col. McPherson, rear transverse and longitudinal arms.

► Faults
• Unreliable electric ignition and injection control systems
• fuel pump faults
• clutch failures
• non-durable V-belts
• wear of the brake drums

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 1306
front fender 949
complete clutch 907
brake pads (front) 376
front door glass 293
timing drive 1174
Alfa Romeo 164 2.0, 1994 r.

► Summary
The model, designed in cooperation with Pininfarina, was to be extremely elegant, without losing the sporty character of the Alfa. Constructors and stylists succeeded in this art to a great extent. Alfa 164 has a nice figure, spacious interior, good driving characteristics and a sporty sound of the engines. Comfortable interior High cost of parts A hard-to-sell model