CZ 250 – year 1939

CZ 250 – year 1939

Manufacturer: Ćeska Zbrojovka AS., Strakonice, Czechoslovakia.

Record label ĆZ, encouraged by the design and commercial success of her class model 175 cm3, presented in 1936 year new motorcycle with an engine capacity increased to 250 cm3 and a frame made of pressed elements. In order to meet the requirements of the widest range of users, who sometimes had completely conflicting wishes, the motorcycle was made in two variants.

Type ĆZ 250 Tourist, thanks to the massive frame, turned out to be a very durable motorcycle. The lighter type - ĆZ 250 Sport - it had a slightly reworked engine and a light frame made of the successful CZ type 175.

W 1937 model year 250 was completely overworked. The engine uses a backwash system and a flat piston (instead of the previously used piston with a deflector), which contributed to a significant increase in power - to 7,4 kW(10 KM) at 3800 rpm. A gear transmission was used to transfer power from the engine to the wet multi-plate clutch. From the three-speed gearbox, the chain transmitted the drive to the rear wheel. The engine equipment includes a Graetzin carburetor and a magneto located in the flywheel. Double "triangular."” the stamped frame was equipped with a trapezoidal front fork. Rim brakes of large diameter allowed for effective braking of the motorcycle, which developed speeds approaching 95 km/h. The vehicle was equipped with two exhaust pipes with powerful mufflers, big headlight and black lacquered with white line (the so-called. cracking). The weight of the motorcycle was 115 kg, fuel consumption was 4-5 liters / 100 km.

Several motorcycles of this type with an engine capacity were also produced 350 cm3 – they were the cheapest motorcycles of this class on the Czechoslovak market, they only cost 7700 koron.

Despite the fact that during the war, most of the CZ plants were destroyed, already in 1946 year, modernized pre-war models were released 173 cm3 i 246 cm3 and a new motorcycle with a displacement engine 122 cm3.