DKW RT 3 – year 1937

DKW RT 3 – year 1937

Manufacturer: Auto Union AG, Zschopau / Saxony, Germany

In the 1930s, Germany was engulfed in a propaganda fever, promoting the so-called. folk car and folk motorcycle. In this way, motorcycle companies, after years of economic crisis, gained an impulse to expand their production.

W 1934 of the year, the Saxon company DKW presented to the public its version of the popular motorcycle - the RT model 3.

Light RT motorcycle 3 had a modern single cylinder engine, two-stroke with reverse flushing by the Schnurle system and with a flat piston. From the capacity 97 cm3 was reaching power 2,2 kW (3 KM) at 4000 rpm. An Amal or Graetzin carburetor was used to prepare the fuel-air mixture, with wet air filter. The three-speed gearbox was manually controlled, in a traditional way, i.e.. with a lever on the right side of the fuel tank. The engine was equipped with the so-called. kickstarter, i.e. foot control. The motorcycle had a single tubular frame with a pressed trapezoidal fork sprung with rubber straps. The rear wheel was not sprung. The caliper brakes acted on both wheels. The motorcycle was equipped with a large headlight, sprung saddle, manual sound signal, struts and trunk. He weighed 57 kg and developed a maximum speed 65 km/h.

The factory served, that at speed 40 km / h the vehicle consumed the amount of fuel 1,5 liter / 100 km. The motorcycle was light, but extremely durable, hence he gained many followers. The available price also contributed to this - 345 marek (slightly exceeding the cost of a bicycle with an auxiliary engine). This model was maintained in the production program of the label do 1939 year.