GNÓME & RHÓNE 500 – year 1928

GNÓME & RHÓNE 500 – year 1928

Manufacturer: Company of Motors Gnóme, Paris, France

French company, famous for its aircraft engines from the First World War, switching to the peaceful production program, it undertook the licensed production of British ABC motorcycles (Ali British Company). This plant produced two-cylinder motorcycles with transversely mounted engines, with displacement 398 cm3.

After getting the first experience, Gnóme & Rhóne started, from 1923 year, build your own motorbikes. These were vehicles with single-cylinder displacement engines 346 cm3 i 496 cm3.

Model 500 with 1928 years had a four-stroke engine, with removable head and lower valve timing. From the capacity 488 cm3 (cylinder diameter 84 mm, a piston stroke 88 mm) gaining power 9 kW (12 KM) at 3000 rpm. The engine is equipped with an Amal carburetor and a magneto ignition system. Transmission, separated from the engine, had manual gear shifting. The simple tubular frame had a front suspension with a swinging fork, sprung with a coil spring and equipped with shock absorbers. Both wheels were braked with drum brakes. The front brake was manually operated, from the steering wheel, rear - with a pedal. The driving force was transmitted to the rear wheel by a chain. The motorcycle had a curb weight 125 kg and developed maximum speed 100 km/h. The fuel consumption was 4 liters per 100 km.

In the late 1920s, Gnome motorcycles appeared & Rhóne with pressed steel frame, similar to these, which was used by the German company BMW. The concept of a transverse flat two-cylinder engine was also similar, used in class models 496 cm3 i 746 cm3.

After the Second World War, the Gnóme label & Rhóne only took care of two-stroke motorcycles, mostly with capacity 125 cm3. Po 1959 year, production of motorcycles was stopped.