INDIAN CHIEF – year 1940

INDIAN CHIEF – year 1940

Manufacturer: Indian Motorcycle Co., Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.

To conclude this short motorcycle inspection, in which we could not list all the famous models, a typical representative of the American construction school was still worthy of attention, the popular 'king of roads”, Indian Chief motorcycle with fork, two-cylinder engine.

The name Indian Chief was widely known to motorcycle enthusiasts from the second half of the 1920s, when the vehicles of this brand were a symbol of the excellence and production possibilities of American motorcycle technology. These motorcycles were constantly improved. They are equipped with a new carburetor, lubrication system with a dry crankcase, light alloy cylinder heads and pistons, new shape headlamps, other fenders and cylinder ribs, protective framework, saddle bags and - w 1940 of the year - front suspension with telescopic shock absorbers.

The Chief's power unit was tried and tested, V-twin engine with a capacity 1200 cm3. It had a low-valve timing (SV). The four-speed gearbox had manual control. The massive double frame was a tubular structure. Front fork, with trailing wishbones, sprung on a quarter-elliptical leaf spring (and equipped with a telescopic shock absorber). The motorcycle had mechanical drum brakes on both wheels. The rear wheel had a telescopic suspension and was driven by a chain. They were carefully covered by a wide fender.

W 1944 of the year, the Indian Chief was partially modernized. He received m. in. new front fork from Webb, however, he was no longer able to compete effectively with English motorcycles. The company defends itself against the invasion of motorcycles from the British Isles, produced in 1949 New Indian Arrow models of the year (220 cm3) i Indian Scout (440 cm3), however, they failed to prevent it from falling. The production of the Indian Chief motorbikes ended in 1953 year.