JAVA 350 SV – year 1934

JAVA 350 SV – year 1934

Manufacturer: Zbrojovka Ing. F. Janećek, Prague-Nusle II, Czechoslovakia

After the success of the lightweight two-stroke motorcycle 175 cm3, equipped with an English Villiers engine, intensive work on new models has begun. The British constructor and competitor G also contributed to these developments. W. Patchett, former employee of the Belgian label FN, who while working in Java in 1931 — 1938, helped, among others. in. in establishing contacts with Villiers (these well-known British plants first supplied finished engines, and later construction drawings, which were worked from the inch to the metric system, to start the production of own propulsion units on their basis).

In year 1934 Java class produced 350 with 4-stroke bottom valve engine, whose prototype was built in 1932 the year was subjected to very severe tests for two years. Single cylinder displacement engine 346 cm3 and power 8 kW (11 KM) at 3500 RPM was combined with a four-speed manual gearbox. The undercarriage of the motorcycle was a double pressed frame. The front suspension with pressed trapezoidal fork was sprung by a central coil spring and fitted with friction shock absorbers. The rear wheel was not sprung. The motorcycle had a curb weight 125 kg and could also be used with a sidecar. He was developing maximum speed 100 km/h, and he was consuming 3-4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. It has been produced since 1934 do 1936 year.

At the turn of the years 1935/1936 a new model of Java was built, structurally similar to 350 SV and having many features in common with its predecessor. The main change that made both models different was the reworking of the low valve timing to the upper valve one (OHV).

The engine capacity remained unchanged, but the power grew to 10,3 kW (14 KM). This motorcycle, perfectly suitable for sports purposes, was produced at the Jawa plant until 1946 year.