Mitsubishi Space Star

mitsubishi spacestarThere is no reason whatsoever, that the boss's wife would drive a small car. It's not about that, that the big one can do more, but a car that is spacious inside and not too long seems to be the optimal solution. Mitsubishi produces the Space Star model, which meets these requirements. The raised body gives a sense of space, when getting in, you don't have to bend down and the miniskirt does not move above the dangerous limit. From the high seats you can see the road perfectly and it is nice to look at other drivers from time to time, lower vehicles. You can adjust the position of the steering column and the height of the driver's seat. Rear seat passengers can change the inclination of the backrests, both parts independently. The size of the trunk is also not constant, because the rear seat can be moved along the vehicle axis o 15 cm. So the trunk has a volume 370-5-450 dm3, and when the rear bench seat is fully folded down, the luggage compartment increases to 1370 dm3.
Space Star is a car, where comfort plays an important role. And rightly so. Security has also been given a lot of attention. Reinforced floor plate, extensive security zones, as well as standard equipment, two airbags and ABS provide some psychological support, especially when transporting children. The vehicle is offered with two gasoline engines: 1,3 dm3 of capacity 63 kW or 1,8 dm3 with direct injection, capacity 1,8 dm3 and power 90 kW. Seems, that hit Mitsubishi 16-valve engine 1,8 dm3 with direct
fuel injection (GDI) is the optimal solution. Provides good dynamics with moderate fuel consumption. A raised body can raise concerns about the stable behavior of the vehicle in curves. However, there is no such danger, thanks to the clever suspension of the wheels. McPherson struts and a roll stabilizer are used at the front, in the back – two wishbones, one longitudinal and stabilizer.
The manufacturer claims, that Space Star is not a minivan, but a vehicle with a "compact semi-high" body. Apart from the not very happy nomenclature, it is quite enjoyable to drive and finally everything fits in it. Let the husband envy!