GUZZI MOTORCYCLES 500 – year 1926

GUZZI MOTORCYCLES 500 – year 1926

Manufacturer: Moto Guzzi S. p. A., Mandello del Lario, What, Italy

The first Moto Guzzi motorcycle, often called "La Prima”, gained popularity mainly due to its massive design and reliability. The first models of the company were single-cylinder only, half-liter engines in different variations, which were constantly improved.

Moto Guzzi motorcycle 500 valves – designed for racing - it had a four-valve engine with OHC timing. Thanks to the high power of the drive unit – 16,2 kW (22 KM) at 5500 rpm - the vehicle has reached its maximum speed 150 km/h. W 1924 Guide Mentasti scored years on this vehicle (on the track in Monza) first European championship title in the class to 500 cm3.

The Tourist model shown here is a typical motorcycle of this avant-garde brand. The low tubular frame and the engine with a horizontal cylinder and an uncovered flywheel are particularly characteristic, locked to the gearbox. The engine of this motorcycle had a displacement 498,7 cm3, and at 2000 rpm was reaching power 11,8 kW (16 KM). Wet clutch drive, multi-disc was transmitted by means of a gear transmission, and from the gearbox (with three ratios) on the rear wheel - with a chain. The engine had a magneto ignition. The wide double tubular frame had front suspension with a swinging fork, sprung with a central coil spring. Both wheels had shoe brakes, the front brake was manually controlled with a lever on the steering wheel, rear - the heel of the left leg. At empty weight 145 kg this touring vehicle developed maximum speed 90 km/h. The manufacturer stated, that the fuel consumption is 4,5 liter of 100 kilometers.

In the second half of the 1920s, the label produced new types of motorcycles for its factory team. They are equipped with two-cylinder engines with displacement 250 cm3 i 500 cm3 with overhead valve timing. At the same time, touring vehicles with single-cylinder engines were still produced 320 cm3 i 350 cm3.