Skoda Citigo – test

Skoda Citigo: You-ti-go you want?!

A furious green car parked in front of our house. Or maybe it's a kart? Joyful as spring grass, it brightened up the November evening and took us as far as Krakow.

It turns out, that a Micra or Toyota Yaris-sized car can be nice in appearance instead of resembling a compact compact. Citigo looked like a troublemaker in the light of the lanterns, who's just waiting to be taken for a spin. There is no amazing, breathtaking line, spoilers and double exhaust pipes, but that's not the point here. Everything has been well measured and in the end it forms a pretty neat shape.

The purpose of our trip was Krakow, and then Lanckorona, where we were going to get away from everyone and everything, stay in bed, read books and sleep fully. But because we love our work, I packed my computer into my backpack, a Wojtek… he stood by a car with two cartons stuffed with things to photograph. Big cardboard boxes. So, we spoiled ourselves a bit with station wagons, that contained everything and more. We got rid of one cardboard box and stuffed it somehow (carton, not Wojtek, for Wojtek, Skoda Citigo provided quite a lot of space in the passenger seat). Me, that is, the manager – or maybe the steering wheel? – to be seated comfortably, though a bit too hard, which made me longing for a break for smoke inhalation in the cold. Inside, the heated seats and the green color caught my eye – both on the door, as well as on the display. Through the green door, the whole car fills with a green glow, resembling aliens. Unfortunately, it is not a vehicle of aliens and we could not get above the traffic jam at the exit from Warsaw and we had to stand behind. Then the panoramic sunroof became a hit, which we have left closed, but you could admire the sky through them… or something.

Rubber car

We had heated seats on board, air conditioning (no, not automatic) and parking sensors. There was also a portable Move navigation&Fun. She definitely got us some exercise every time, when we tried to strap it on and it was actually pretty fun ;-). It's far from intuitive the first time you use it, but after two or three uses you can get used to it. Although it took at least two attempts to fix it each time. Once installed, she elegantly led us to Krakow. By the way, I don't know what's in it: Warsaw route – I know Krakow by heart, and yet I like the green line and the information, that in just a few hours I will be in my hometown. There is nothing to write home about the interior – Citigo is a small car, there is Mama in the back (by no means in the trunk) or cardboard. Parking sensors are basically unnecessary, because everything is clearly visible in the mirrors, the rest of the size of the car makes, that you can squeeze in almost anywhere, which I checked while traveling through the narrow streets of Krakow, when I took my mom for coffee. About Mamy – fits perfectly on the rear seat – or at least she didn't complain loudly about the lack of space. Coming back we recognized, that the car is made of rubber and we started to prepare extra things to take from Krakow – mummy preserves (I am a jar), clothes and shoes. We also housed Llosa, Cortazara, and even Choromański! Fact – no one else would fit into the car anymore, but what we planned to take – we took!

Little madman

Because I switched to Citigo from Skoda Yeti, I started to groan a little. But while driving, you can basically forget, that you are driving a small car with a liter engine of only 75KM. It turns out, that if you only reduce the gear from 5th to 3rd and press the pedal on the rightmost hard, we are dealing with a green madman quite easily overtaking those who are lingering on the road. The big plus is this, that it is difficult to get a really high fine in this car. It is not able to accelerate to such dizzying speed that something threatens us, especially on the expressway. But that doesn't mean it at all, that is boring. On the contrary – The car provides a lot of fun with a great sound of the engine. This is not the groan of a car begging for mercy, but rather the murmur of a little troublemaker, who is just waiting for a harder push on the gas. Imagine the rest: night, road with curves – mild and slightly sharper, on which you can drive at speed 90 km / h and "Beverly Hills Cop" on the radio – absolute blast! Especially, that he is doing great in turns, which we had the opportunity to test also on the road leading to Lanckorona – It is not difficult to tame it and it reacts sensational to all requests made via the steering wheel. Despite my initial fears, he also did well on the forest path leading to the guesthouse.

This pays off!

The Warsaw-Krakow-Lanckorona-Warsaw trip cost us one tank of fuel + refueling for PLN 20. Burning on the road can be easily skipped below 5 liters, which is more than a sensational result. In fact, by traveling it and thinking for a moment, we came to a conclusion, it's basically the perfect car: small, so it will fit anywhere, and because we do not have children yet and have little (no Wojtek has little, me a bit more) why do we need a bigger and more burning car? In addition, the fact is a great advantage of the car, that he does not think for the driver, letting him go crazy, without being limited by a thousand security systems, increasingly common in new cars.
However, the price remains a problem. I do not know why, but it seemed to us, that a car like a Citigo does not cost more than 30 000 zlotys. Our surprise was great, when it turned out, that the tested version costs money 20 thousand more. The base price is less than that 40 thousand zlotys, and to have “trial version”, you have to pay extra for: green varnish, 5-door version (personally, I would prefer a 3-door one), escaping navigation, additional speakers at the rear, electric, panoramic sunroof, cruise control, front seat heating and some other "obviousness". well, We are not going to buy a Citigo in the near future, but we would love to ride it again!