Test Suzuki SX4

Test Suzuki SX4

The SX4 is one of those cars where color matters. I saw it in a silver version once and it looked pretty scary. I was a bit scared, that an indistinct silver-gray lump would fall into our hands as well. However, it turned out, that a lovely deep brown ball is waiting in the parking lot.

Outstanding average

It looks ordinary and is definitely not a city showcase. The SX4 is one of those cars, which you can leave under the house and not look nervous out the window what 30 minutes checking if someone accidentally scratched it. You are not worried, that you don't have super clean shoes when you get in and you don't compulsively check children's jackets and shoes before putting them in the car. This is a normal car used for everyday city driving. As befits a stereotypical woman behind the wheel I chirped a bit about the color and we packed inside.

Hidden surprises
The inside is extremely ascetic. The finish is simple and “Japanese”, so is the rest of this, what's outside. The creation philosophy is extremely simple: we do not need sports embossing, ornaments, trimmings, sparkles and others “beautifiers”. It is, what you see. But don't be fooled. Lots of gifts await in SX4 Explore. You sit down and turn on the heated seats. Then you turn on the built-in multimedia station that stands out as big, clean screen. You start the car without a key. The steering wheel is multifunctional, and the rear view camera helps to get out of the tightest slot. All of this as standard. We only lacked dual-zone air conditioning. I like to be warm, because I'm cold, and Wojtek is always hot. Unfortunately, in the SX4, the temperature is shared. As a result, when the latter was not seeing, we tried alternately to adjust the temperature to our liking.

You can see everything

You have to get used to the seats, though it won't take long. Sitting in the car felt like a little ball, but like in a mighty truck. You sit very high. The seats are wide, comfortable and placed high. They did, that I felt at first, as if I became a truck driver. Then it turned out, that thanks to such a design you can see absolutely everything without having to lean out or look around very carefully. In one word – a car that works perfectly in urban conditions. The seats are complemented by large mirrors, in which you can see what is happening next to and behind, including the previous intersection. However, if additional help is needed – just look at the display – there you will find a webcam image. Parking and driving out of tight gaps has never been so easy.

Soft and calm

The SX4 is quite soft, thanks to which he efficiently swallows unevenness. At the same time, it does not resemble a resistor, that would wobble in turns. The higher suspension will also make it easier to move around the city, protecting us from hanging on the curbs, which can be really high at times. The car is compact – body length just over 4 meters, it ensures painless parking and shortens the time of walking around the estate in the evening “looking for a place to park”.
The engine itself is constructed in the simplest possible way – there is no turbo, direct injection and other technological innovations. The bill is simple – 1,6 liters generating 120KM. No turbo makes, that the engine is not a titan of power, and 120KM is unlikely to be felt, but this is not the shelf of cars, where we expect sporty performance. High engine speeds are essential when overtaking, but in the case of gasoline engines it is not a nuisance noise. It is far from a pleasant gurgling, but gasoline is not diesel, so we don't get stuck. exactly – petrol – a rarity in our time. Of course, this is associated with slightly higher fuel consumption (7-8l/100km), but it heats up faster in winter, does not clatter, and it is for people, not for tractors.

To conquer the city

Rear seat? A child can easily fit there, you can also throw in stuff there, which did not fit in the trunk. It will be relatively easy, because the trunk is not very spacious. But for two, possibly two with a child will be sufficient. Perfect as a second car, to move around the city on a daily basis. Then there will be room for purchases, and bags, and stuff for toddlers if someone is kids. Basically, as long as it's about a short ride around the city, this space in the back is enough for adults. The problem will begin, when each of the adults will want to take, for example, a travel bag…
We SX4 decided to go to IKEA. It is true that it would rather not fit too much furniture, but small home accessories, absolutely necessary in every household, we carefully packed. We associate SX4 with non-nervous trips to various corners of the city in order to fulfill practical desires. I don't know if it would be convenient as a means of transport for a longer journey, but the city is more than perfect.
The price is quite affordable, especially, that Suzuki offers a lot of additional equipment “in the package”.

Would we like such a car? Sure! Zero stresu, zero charge, no worrying about scratches. An ordinary car that fulfills its tasks more than properly. Suzuki has managed to construct a car that meets the expectations of people living in the city, from time to time only for short trips out of town. SX4? We are for yes!