MARS – year 1920

MARS – year 1920

Manufacturer: Mars-Werke AG, Nuremberg-Doos, Germany

The Nuremberg company Mars-Werke AG, has been producing motorcycles since 1903 year. The first models were fitted with the well-known Swiss Zedel engines, as well as the German company Fafnir.

After the First World War, Mars unveiled several notable motorcycle designs, which however, probably because of its uniqueness, did not receive much interest. One of them was the model z 1920 year, constructed by Eng. Franzenberga, known among his followers as "Der weisse Mars” – white Mars.

This massive motorcycle has a box-type steel plate frame and short wishbone front suspension (sprung spring placed in the telescopic cover) he also had wide leg protectors. The vehicle was powered by a Maybach engine (known for its aircraft engines), dwucylindrowy boxer, lower back, with displacement 956 cm3 and power 5,4 kW (7,3 KM). A starting crank was used to start the engine. The mixture was ignited thanks to a Bosch ignition. The motorcycle initially had a two-speed gearbox, then also three- and four stages. The shoe brake is placed on the so-called. the clutch basket acted on the rear wheel via a drive gear.

The motorcycle developed maximum speed 80 km/h. These vehicles (painted only in white) produced until 1926 year.

Commercial failures resulted, that a year 1924 the Mars manufacturing company was taken over by Johann & Karl Muller. At that time, the company was still producing many models with single-cylinder engines from various factories, like MAG, Strumey-Archer, JAP the Villiers. In the 1930s, the range was expanded to include small motorcycles with Sachs engines (with displacement 73 i 98 cm3). In the period from 1925 do 1932 of the year, Mars motorcycles were sold (temporarily) under the designation MA.

The last Mars motorcycle was produced in 1957 year.