Audi 80 do ’86

audi 8072: start of Audi production 80; 76: face lifting; 78: introduction of the second generation, ’81: diesel engine; ’84: body modernization; ’86: end of production and introduction of a new model.

► Technical data
Chassis: then 2- or 4-door; dim. 4385/1680/1365 mm; curb weight from 930 kg; capacity. trunk 450 or 485 I (newer models).
Motors: 4-cyl. gasoline: 1.3/60 KM, 1.6/75 KM, 1.8/90 or 111 KM;
4-cyl. diesels: slow sucking 1.6/54 KM, turbocharged: 1.6/69 KM.
Chassis: front axle drive; front suspension. independent. McPherson columns, stabilizer, ham. disc, rear rigid axle, Panhard stick, ham. drum.

► Faults
• electrical system failures
• broken timing belt
• engine oil leaks
• corrosion of the body and muffler
• damage to shock absorbers and steering knuckle pins
• leaky cooler

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 584
front fender 970
complete clutch 1175
brake pads (front) 271
front door glass 574
timing drive 39
Audi 80 1.6, 1985 r.

► Summary
Decently made, simple in construction, easy to drive and functional, works well as a family vehicle, although considerable age causes, that it is sometimes harassed by numerous defects. The prestige of the brand makes, that there are many overpriced copies on the market.

Good driving characteristics
Modest equipment
Few cars in good condition