Audi A4

audi a4X ’94: Audi's successor debut 80; XI ’95: presentation of the Avant station wagon; IX ’97: S4 and S4 Avant (265 KM); I 99: restyling, 1.8T quattro version (180 KM); IX ’99: RS4 Front (380 KM); X 2000: new model.

► Technical data
Chassis: sedan 4-drzw.: dim. 4478/1733/1415 mm; capacity. luggage. 440 I; combi: dim. 4478/1733/ 1417 mm; capacity. luggage 390/1250 I. Motors: benz.: 4-cyl.: 1.6/100 KM, 5-cyl.: 1.8 20W125, turbo: 1.8/150 or 180; V6: 2.4/165, 2.8/193, V6 turbo: 2.7/265 (w S4); TDI: 1.9/90 or 115, 2.5V6 / 150.
Chassis: front-wheel drive or both axles; suspension: front independent, double wah. prev, torsionally flexible axle at the rear, stabilizer.

► Faults
• wear of drive shafts
• Leaking brake lines.
• failure of electric windows and central locking
• noises from the dashboard
• leaking sunroof

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 694
front fender 791
complete clutch 1805
brake pads (front) 398
front door glass 735
timing drive 118
Audi A4 1.6, 1998 r.

► Summary
Successful, valued model, in reliability statistics above average. The interior is not very spacious for a mid-range car. The station wagon has a small luggage compartment, it draws attention to the beauty of the exterior. Great variety of engines (4-cyl., turbo, V6, TDI diesels) allows everyone to choose something for themselves. Solid, attractive car High prices Not very spacious body