BMW 3 do ’90

bmw 3 90XI ’82: presentation of the new model; autumn '83: 4-door version; VII ’85: model 325i, also convertible and four-wheel drive, diesel 324d; VIII ’87: face lifting, new engines; spring '88: combi.

► Technical data
Chassis: then: 2- and 4-door, dim. 4325/1645/1380 mm; capacity. trunk 425 I; combi: 5-door; capacity. luggage. 370/1125 I; kabriolet: 2-door, capacity. bag. 312 I.
Motors: benz. 4-cyl.: 1.6/90-102 KM, 1.8/102-113 KM, 6-cyl. 2.0/ 129 KM, 2.5/122-171 KM; diesels: 2.4/86 KM, 2.4 turbo / 115 KM.
Chassis: drive on the rear or both axles, independent suspension, front col. resorujące, wah. prev, diagonal wishbones at the rear, comp, screw.

► Faults
• corrosion, incl. on the frets, wheel arches, under the taillights
• oil leaks from the engine and transmission
• corrosion of the final silencer and headlights
• excessive wear of the seats

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 1075
front fender 405
complete clutch 695
brake pads (front) 211
front door glass 275
timing drive 279
BMW 316 1.6, 1988 r.

► Summary
The Bavarian limousine is appreciated by drivers with a sporty spirit. They appreciate it for its dynamic engines and perfect suspension, which, however, may turn out to be too short-lived on Polish roads. Buyers also have to take into account quite high maintenance costs.
Dynamic driving Little room in the interior. Road use