BMW is a motorcycle manufacturer

BMW is a motorcycle manufacturer,

W 1919 In 2014, the company Bayerische Flugwerke Motoren was established as a result of the merger of two aircraft factories, a year later renamed Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. The seat of the company was in Munich. Initially, it was produced here:. in. motorcycle engines with displacement 496 cm3, purchased by more or less known companies, how: Victoria, Bison, SBD, SMW Henniger i inne. The first mass-produced motorcycle of its own design with a blue and white BMW badge on the fuel tank, appeared only in 1923 year. It was the R model 32, solutions precursor (tubular frame, counter rotating engine positioned transversely to the vehicle axis and locked to the gearbox, drive of the rear wheel by a shaft with joints) later characteristic of this brand.

W 1924 year of Eng. Schleicher built a motorcycle, which differed from the first model with an overhead valve engine. It was the BMW R. 37 with capacity too 500 cm3, but power increased to 11,5 kW (16 KM). The following year, the single-cylinder type R appeared 39 - overhead valve, of a capacity 250 cm3, and in 1926 year, the tourist model of the R 42, reaching power 8,7 kW (12 KM) with 500 cm3. At the end of the 1920s, the famous two-cylinder was produced 750 - winner of many world records.

In the 1930s, BMW continued the design concept of the R model 32 – however, making changes to the chassis. W 1929 year, the frame was changed from tubular to pressed, and in 7 years later, tubular frames were reintroduced (motorcycles with two types of frames have been produced since then). W 1936 In 2005, the telescopic fork in the front wheel suspension was introduced into series production, and two years later also in the rear.

Vehicles of this brand were known for their traction and reliability, which determined their success in confrontation with other vehicles. Special machines with displacement engines were prepared for racing at BMW 350 cm3, 500 cm3 i 750 cm3, with an overhead valve, shaft in the head and a compressor (in models 500 i 750), mounted on the crankshaft journal.

In day 9 September 1929 year Ernest Henne from Munich on a BMW motorcycle 750 with a compressor exceeded the speed limit near Ingolstadt 200 km / h and set a world record for peaking motorcycles 216,05 km/h. Nine years later, he "flew over."” on a BMW motorcycle 500 with compressor, the motorway section between Munich and Ingolstadt at speed 279,5 km/h, setting another world record, which persisted to 1950 year.

BMW's greatest success in motorcycle racing is considered to be a victory with 1939 year, when Georg Meier won (as the first and only German competitor) the famous English Tourist Trophy race on the Isle of Man. In the same year, Meier was awarded the title of European champion in class do 500 cm3.

In the run-up to World War II and during the war, BMW also produced off-road motorcycles with a capacity 750 cm3 (Sahara) with a stroller, whose wheel was also driven.

In the 1960s, the production of motorcycles decreased, and then limited to heavy models 500 cm3, 600 cm3 i 750 cm3, later only to 900 cm3 i 980 cm3, because passenger cars are at the center of the company's interest. From 1969 During the year, motorcycle production was moved to the Spandau plant in West Berlin.