BROUGH SUPERIOR SS 100 – year 1925

BROUGH SUPERIOR SS 100 – year 1925

Manufacturer: George Brough, Basford, Nottingham, Anglia

You can also find a vehicle among the motorcycle brands – synonymous with good work – responding, in an automotive concept, Rolls-Royce’owi. Experts agree on this, that this title is awarded to the English brand Brough Superior.

The manufacturer of these excellent machines was George Brough, a great technician and a good motorcycle rider at the same time. It started its activity in 1921 year, in a small workshop in Nottingham. He decided to produce reliable vehicles, with good performance – no matter what the cost. Thus, he put it all on his motorcycles, what he thought was the best (e.g.. engines of 600-1000 cm3 companies: JAP, Matchless i Motosacoche).

The brand's popularity was also influenced by the sports activities of its owner and player in one person. G. Brough, as the first motorcyclist at the festival, crossed in 1912 year, on the legendary Brooklands circuit (on his SS model 80) speed limit 100 mil/h —160 km/h. From 1924 year, when the stronger SS model appeared on the market 100 with a JAP engine with displacement 1000 cm3, each motorcycle leaving the factory gate received a warranty, that it reaches speed 100 mil/h.

The illustration shows the motorcycle, on which in the year 1924 The Vack, on the track in Arpajone, France, broke the world record by gaining speed 191,59 km/h. This vehicle was equipped with a four-stroke, two-cylinder, JAP V-engine. The displacement of this power unit was 995,2 cm3 and power approx 36,8 kW (50 KM). The three-speed gearbox was separate from the engine. Simple tubular frame, open at the bottom, had a sprung Castle front fork, equipped with a friction shock absorber. The rear wheel was suspended on leaf springs. The mechanical brake acted only on the rear wheel.

The last Brough Superior was produced in 1940 year. Since then, motorcycles from this brand have become the subject of a feverish search for veteran collectors.