BSA is a motorcycle manufacturer

BSA is a motorcycle manufacturer

The Birmingham Smali Arms Company was founded in 1861 year as a result of the unification of several armaments plants. In the years 1893-1908, the BSA company produces frames and other bicycle and motorcycle parts. Production of complete motorcycles began in Birmingham in 1906 year.

The first serial motorcycles left the factory in 1909 year. They were vehicles with a construction typical of those times, equipped with a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, which drove the rear wheel with a belt.

W 1910 year, the company merged with The Daimler Co. At that time, four specialized companies were established within this concern. Były to BSA Cycles Ltd., producing bicycles and motorcycles, BSA Guns Ltd., focused on the production of weapons, BSATools Ltd., supplying other plants with tools and devices i, finally, BSA Radio Ltd., producing radio receivers. During the First World War, the entire production of the concern was temporarily switched to the production of weapons.

After the war, BSA returned to the production of motorcycles. With reliable single-cylinder vehicles (with a low valve timing) with displacement 499 cm3 i 557 cm3 has gained an excellent reputation. W 1923 In 2014, the range of produced models was expanded to include vehicles with a V-shaped two-cylinder engine (four-stroke) 769 cm3 i 996 cm3 and a motorcycle with a two-stroke engine with a capacity of 173 cm3.

The hit of the BSA label was Sloper - model z 1926 year, produced by 9 years in the upper versions- and lower glands. It was innovative in the vehicle, primarily, different location of the engine (tilting forward) as a result, the position of the crankcase changed and there was room for the oil reservoir. This concept made it possible to lower the saddle to the height 63 cm from the ground, thanks to which the motorcycle had not only a low center of gravity, but got better driving characteristics and nice, aerodynamic shape.

In the 1930s, BSA made some of the best sports bikes – with a four-stroke single-cylinder engine with a capacity of up to 600 cm3, as well as vehicles with V-type large-capacity two-cylinder engines. The Star series with Gold Star models was widely known and recognized, Empire Star itd.

After the Second World War, the well-known companies Ariel and Triumph also joined the BSA concern. The mutual cooperation was so close, that it was difficult to distinguish between the different models, and some motorcycle parts of these brands were interchangeable. W 1971 BSA ceased operations in the year.