Skoda Felicia Pickup

skoda feliciaFor years, there has been an unwavering interest of buyers in light commercial vehicles. There is a lot to choose from in this market segment, a Skodaread on

Mitsubishi Space Star

mitsubishi spacestarThere is no reason whatsoever, that the boss's wife would drive a small car. It's not about that, that the big one can do more, ale obszerny w środku i niezbyt długiread on

BMW 3 do ’90

bmw 3 90XI ’82: presentation of the new model; autumn '83: 4-door version; VII ’85: model 325i, also convertible and four-wheel drive, diesel 324d; VIII ’87: … read on

Audi Coupe

Audi Coupe

XI ’88: presentation of a three-door model based on Audi 80; side '90: sports version of S2; III ’91: premiere of a convertible based on a Coupe; ’92: version … read on

Audi 100 po ’90

audi 100XI ’90: debut of a new model; IV ’91: the sporty version of the S4 (230 KM); autumn '91: introduction of the Avant station wagon; 92: TDI; version 2.6 V6 (150 KM); latoread on

Audi A4

audi a4X ’94: Audi's successor debut 80; XI ’95: presentation of the Avant station wagon; IX ’97: S4 and S4 Avant (265 KM); I 99: restyling, 1.8T quattro version … read on

Audi 80 do ’86

audi 8072: start of Audi production 80; 76: face lifting; 78: introduction of the second generation, ’81: diesel engine; ’84: body modernization; ’86: zakończenie produkcji i wprowadzenie nowego on

Audi A3

Audi A3

’96: model presentation and start of sales of the three-door hatchback; 98: A3 quattro/180 KM; spring '99: 5-door version and S3 / 210 hp; autumn 2000: drobne zmianyread on