Chrysler Voyager 1995

Chrysler VoyagerAmerica is the home of vans. So you can expect, that the overseas structure will masterfully meet the assumptions set for large-capacity vehicles. Actually, in terms of the comfort of the car, it is hard to fault anything. The extended Grand version will easily take you on board 7 people and a lot of luggage. The seats are comfortable, soft suspension (but certain in turns) – comfort is at a high level. The rich equipment is a perfect complement.

Costs turn out to be the biggest problem. Fuel consumption, even with a "small" four-cylinder engine 2,4 I, often exceeds 13 1/100 km. Parts are very expensive, and brake pads and discs or, for example,. headlamps need to be replaced very often. The loss of value is enormous. With the larger V6 engines paired with an automatic gearbox, the costs will be even greater.
After disassembling the car, minor shortcomings came to light: worn clutch, scratches on the main socket, pitting on the differential gears. The engine and gearbox showed no signs of wear, it was also difficult to find any signs of corrosion.
Not only is the efficiency of the headlamps just average, they still had to be replaced. There are no problems with buying "European" lights.
The clutch was worn out excessively and would not work for a long time. Traces indicate overheating of the clamp, disc linings remaining not too thick.

Technical data
Chassis: from: 5-door, dim. 4733/1950/1802 mm, capacity. trunk 450/41401; Grand: length. 5070, capacity. trunk 670/4880 I; curb weight from 1800 kg., order. from 650 kg.
Motors: 4-cyl., benz., 2.4 16W151 hp; V6, benz., 3.0/152 KM; V6, benz. 3.3/158 KM; V6, benz., 3.8/166 KM; 4-cyl., t.diesel, 2.5/116 KM.
Chassis: front drive or 4×4 (3.8), man box. or aut. (V6 only aut.); zaw. front not. McPherson, rear rigid axle, leaf springs.

• overheating and automatic transmission leaks
• rapid brake wear
• defects in engine control electronics • low durability of the clutch and control cables. Prices of parts in PLN reflector front fender complete clutch brake pads (front) front door window timing drive
Chrysler Voyager 2.4, 1998 r.

► Summary
Voyager is a typical American van. Very convenient, perfectly equipped, spacious. However, for European conditions, it is a bit impractical. The main problem is the difficulty of maneuvering, no load resistance (automatic) and high fuel consumption.

Comfortable interior. Rich equipment. Very high costs