Cleaning windows – wipers and washers

Cleaning windows – wipers and washers

Clean windows significantly affect driving safety. Wipers and sprinklers are to ensure good visibility in rain and snow. The windshield wiper can operate at two speeds. During intermittent operation, the wiper makes one movement every four seconds.

Rear visibility is provided by the rear window wiper. So that the windows are thoroughly cleaned, the spray nozzles must be correctly oriented.

Wear of the wiper rubbers

The wiper blade must fit snugly against the windows. The service life of the wiper rubbers is limited; they rub as a result of rubbing against the glass. Ultraviolet rays and ozone cause the rubbers of the wipers to harden and crumble. In addition, scratches on the windshield cause rubber chipping, which significantly worsens the cleaning effect. Therefore, wiper blades should be replaced in spring and autumn. You can do most of the maintenance work on the glass cleaning mechanisms on your own. Usually you only need a screwdriver for this. It will take a little patience to change the wiper blade for the first time, and for an inexperienced driver it can be quite a mystery. New wipers can be purchased at automotive stores and gas stations. Many wipers come with a universal set of inserts and latches, facilitating their quick replacement.

If you notice, that the fuses or wiring of either wiper motor are damaged, read the article "Electrical equipment”.

Check wipers and washer nozzles

1 Turn on the ignition and start the wipers.

2 Check that the squeegee works in all operating modes and that the wipers return to their starting position when turned off.

3 Intermittent operation is working?

4 Whether the washer nozzles are delivering liquid to the windows?

5 In the same way, check the operation of the rear window wiper.

Refilling the washer fluid reservoir

1 In summer, the washer reservoir can be filled with water. It is advisable to add glass cleaner. In winter, the water in the tank must contain antifreeze.

2 Always pour the appropriate detergent into the tank first, then water, which facilitates their complete mixing.

3 In severe frost, the washer nozzles can freeze. Adding to fluid will prevent this 1/3 denatured (has a penetrating smell). Long lines supplying fluid to the rear window washer nozzles will prevent freezing, actuating the sprinkler several times, before leaving the car in the parking lot.

Before each journey, check the fluid level in the washer reservoir. You will protect the nozzles from freezing, adding to the liquid 1/3 denatured.

Replacing the wiper blade

1 Fold back the wiper arm.

2 Squeeze the spring clip of the wiper blade, to slide the securing tab out of the hole in the wiper arm.

3 Slide the wiper blade down from the holder.

Replacing the wiper blade. Fold your arm back. Remove the pen from the movable pivot, pressing the securing spring indicated by the arrow. The pen can now be lifted out of the U-shaped holder

4 The wiper rubber has notches at one end for attaching it to the wiper holders. Press the tabs on the rubber with your fingernail or a small screwdriver to pop out of the handles in the wiper.

5 Slide the rubber together with the metal spring bar out of the wiper.

6 Put a new gum in the lower hook of the wiper.

7 Slide the metal spring strip into the right and left handles on the wiper and press the tabs on the rubber into the appropriate places on the spring strip.

8 Squeeze the tabs in the rubber to reinsert them into the wiper holders.

9 Pay attention when attaching the feathers, so that the notches on the securing spring point towards the slot in the wiper arm and the latch will engage.

Replacing the squeegee rubber: 1 guides of the elastic strip of the wiper, 2 rubber positioning tabs, 3 rubber guide profile, 4 splines of an elastic blade.

Drawing of the arrangement of elements (VW Golf 4) washer and windscreen wipers will help you with minor repairs: 1 a tank with a liquid for cleaning windows and headlamps with a capacity 5,5 liters, 2 tank cover, 3 washer pump, 4 feed tube, 5 i 6 spray nozzles, 7 cover, 8 distributor (behind the cover).

Adjusting the sprinkler nozzles (Volkswagen Golf 4)

In front of

1 To ensure proper glass cleaning, nozzles should not be set too low. Otherwise, at high speed, before the liquid covers the entire glass, the wiper will smear the accumulated dirt.

2 The nozzles are factory set and should not be moved with a pin. A small correction can be made with a screwdriver on the nozzle eccentric.

In the back

1 Remove the cover.

2 Using a water-washable pencil, mark the center of the surface to be cleaned on the glass.

3 You can set the direction of the water jet from the nozzle using a diameter pin 0,8 mm. In the workshop, they use a special tool for this purpose (3125A). Under no circumstances try to do this with a needle or the like, because you will damage the water channel in the nozzle.


Symptom of ailment The reasons Remedies
A The windshield wiper does not work 1 Defective wiper fuse Replace the fuse
2 Defective wiper timer control module Replace the wiper motor
3 Loose link driving the wiper Tighten the cable
4 Electrical connection to the wiper switch lever interrupted Check electrical connections and wiring
5 Electrical connection to the wiper motor interrupted Check electrical connections and wiring
6 Wiper motor burnt or damaged 1 Replace the engine
B Rear window wiperwould not work 1 See A1
2 See A4 and A5
3 See A6
C The wiper does not work in first gear 1 Broken terminal B1 on the wiper motor Replace the engine
2 Broken connection at terminal A3 or A5 on the wiper switch Replace the switch
D Wiper does not work in second gear 1 Break in the wire (terminal A2) connecting the wiper switch with the wiper motor Check the cable
2 Interrupted connection at terminal A2 or A5 on the wiper switch Replace the switch
3 Damaged terminal A1 on the wiper motor Replace the engine
E Wipers do not return to home position 1 Break in the circuit (zacisk B3) connecting the wiper control module with the engine Check the cable
2 Wiper motor damaged Check with the control lamp: with wiper switch activated, lamp connected between terminal B1 (first run) or A1 (second gear) and the B2 terminal should be lit.. When connected between terminal B2 and ground, the lamp should extinguish shortly before the wipers reach their end position. If this is not the case, replace the motor
F The wiper will not work with the control module 1 Defective control module

2 Break in the wire (clamp A6) connecting the wiper switch with the module

1.Replace module

2. Check the cable (purple)


Symptom of ailment The reasons Remedies
F The wiper does not work with the module controlling 3 Broken clip A6 on the wiper switch Replace the switch
F 4 Break in the wire (vice 5 – red-yellow) connecting the fuse to the control module or in the cable (vice 4 – Gray) connecting the module with the wiper switch Check electrical connections and wiring
G The wiper will not turn off while in operation with the control module 1 See E1
2 See E2
3 Wiper switch contacts do not disconnect Replace the switch
H The wipers do not or briefly return to their starting position after shutdown Inadequate contact on the wiper motor brushes Unscrew the engine cover. Clean the contacts, or replace the motor