ĆZ manufacturer of motorcycles

ĆZ manufacturer of motorcycles

Those two letters, already known all over the world today, is the abbreviation of the company name: Ćeska Zbrojovka. The plant was established in 1922 year in the South Bohemian city of Strakonice, as a small arms factory. In the early thirties, as part of the transition to a peaceful manufacturing program, The production of motorcycles was started here. Contrary to the Prague arms factories, "Zbrojovka Ing. F. Janećek”, in which they started with the production of heavy five hundred Java, in Strakonice it started with a moped and gradually moved to larger motorcycles. The first engine produced here was an outboard engine for a bicycle with a displacement 60 cm3, then magnified to 75 cm3. W 1932 In the year, the ĆZ factory was ready to start mass production of two-track vehicles. Because the power of the engine with a capacity of 76 cm3 was insufficient to overcome difficult mountainous terrain Czech, in the following year, the capacity of the power unit was increased to 98 cm3.

W 1934 In the year, a new type of CZ was prepared for serial production 175 cm3 z podwójną tłoczoną ramą, single cylinder, two-stroke engine and three-speed gearbox. The first model of the new series, which already in 1935 year produced 2000 pieces, It was characterized by durability and good driving characteristics. The next Standard and Special models had foot shifting, large diameter brake drums and electric signal and battery.

The range of mass-produced vehicles has grown in 1937 years of ĆZ 250 Tourist – powerful, durable motorcycle and ĆZ 250 Sport, which differed from the first in the ignition system, a year 1938 it had a lighter frame, coming from a type motorcycle 175.

For the needs of the army, w 1938 year, the first "half-liter”. It was a motorcycle with a two-cylinder engine, a four-speed gearbox with foot shifting and a battery-powered ignition system. The frame of this vehicle was created as a result of reworking the frame of the CZ motorcycle 250 Tourist. At the same time, work on the ĆZ motorcycle was completed 350.

Owners of stronger models of ĆZ 500, a year 1939 also ĆZ 350, they were interested in side trailers, therefore from 1938 In the year, the factory program was enriched with licensed light production, well-sprung trailers from the Leipzig company Stoye.

The post-war production program in Czechoslovakia was carried out under the slogan of unifying the construction of motorcycles. As a result of the harmonization of the production program of Jawa and ĆZ, w 1954 year, there was a uniform series, from which the Jawa-ĆZ types were produced in Strakonice 125 cm3 i 150 cm3, and then the type 175 cm3. Java plants were left with types 250 cm3, 350 cm3 i 500 cm3.