DOUGLAS K – 2 3/4 HP – year 1913

DOUGLAS K – 2 3/4 HP – year 1913

Manufacturer: Douglas Motors Ltd., Kingswood, Bristol, Anglia

The history of this company dates back to a year 1906, when 27-year-old William Douglas bought from another English label - Fairy - a horizontal twin cylinder engine with counter-rotating pistons (boxer). When Fairy stopped producing motorcycles two years later, Douglas vehicles found themselves at the forefront of Europe.

Lying motors – boxer type - used in motorcycles by over fifty companies - starting with ABC, BMW by Puch, ending with Zundapp. Unlike the most famous concepts, e.g.. from BMW, Douglas plant located the engine longitudinally. The advantages of this solution were fully confirmed in the Tourist Trophy races in 1912 year, in which the W. H. Bashall i E. Kicham, the Douglas riders took the first two places in the junior TT class, as the category for the displacement was called 350 cm3.

Model 2 3/4 The HP had a two-cylinder lying displacement engine 348 cm3. At compression ratio 4 : 1 the engine was running 4,8 kW (6,5 KM) at 3600 rpm. (English and American sources say, that the power was 2,75 KM) Drive from the engine to the gearbox – with two or three ratios - it was transmitted by means of a chain transmission, and from the box to the rear wheel - with a V-belt. On the left side of the engine was a narrow flywheel with a large diameter (a hallmark of all Douglas from this period). The motorcycle had a tubular frame, front suspension with coil springs and two brakes, the front one acted on the rim of the front wheel and the rear one acted on the rim of the pulley. The manufacturer stated, that the fuel consumption was 2,5 l/100 km. At empty weight 78 kg, the vehicle developed a speed of up to 75 km/h. Model „K” it had good stability, it was easy to drive, and above all, it had a simple structure. In the operating manual, the section on maintenance was preceded by words: „Don’t touch it unnecessary” - don't touch him unnecessarily! Thanks to these properties, which also included a low price – 50 pounds - The Douglas quickly became the most popular English motorcycle.

The post-war successes include the victory of Tom Sheard with 1923 year in the senior class TT and Frieddi Dixon in the first Tourist Trophy races with a sidecar. Before his fall (w 1956 year) the company produced the famous Italian Vespa scooters.