Fiat 126p

fiat126pMost Poles began their adventure with the automotive industry (and many will begin!) from Toddler. Even though it is tight, he smokes a lot and lacks dynamics.
The reason for the Toddler's success is very prosaic: costs. Inexpensive to buy is also unmatched in subsequent use. For a working car from the end of the years 80. enough 1,5-2 thousand. PLN. A tiny motor ensures the lowest rates of third party liability insurance. Admittedly referring to combustion (on average approx 6,5 1/100 km) in terms of performance and comfort, it cannot be called economical, but the cost of fuel is not ruinous. And still extremely important – parts. Apart from relatively cheap original ones, you can buy handicrafts. These are the reasons, for which the first kilometers behind the wheel were covered by most Poles in a Fiat 126p, at the end of the production officially recognized as a Toddler.
The toddler did not participate in any crash test. And good, because it would reveal the poor preparation of this car to meet a hard obstacle. The bodywork is an example of exceptional mismanagement. Inside it will hardly fit four not too big people, and the luggage compartment has a capacity of only 100 I. A lot of noise and the lack of any equipment do not seem to improve comfort. However, disadvantages can be advantages: the car is easy to maneuver, and parking is almost a pleasure.
A small engine, despite the low curb weight of the vehicle, he does not eagerly get down to work. Maybe that's a good thing, because drum brakes and a not very modern suspension would not be able to cope with higher speeds. The simplicity of the design allows easy repairs – the engine can be removed by one person in several minutes. However, that the Toddler serves without failures, much attention should be paid to it. However, because of his age, he probably deserves that much.

Technical data
Chassis: 2-door. dim. 3109/
1377/1335 mm, weight incl. from 600 kg, order. from 320 kg; capacity. luggage. 1001. Motors: gasoline, 2-cylindrowe 0HV, carburetor, 2 valves on cyl., air cooled: 0.6/23 KM, 40 Nm; 0.65/24 KM, 43 Nm. Chassis: drive on the rear axle, 4-speed manual gearbox; independent suspension: transverse leaf spring front, upper control arm, rear swivel arms; drum brakes.

► Faults
• corrosion of the body and chassis components • engine failures: carburetor, ignition apparatus, fuel pump • faults in the electrical system • poor durability of the entire chassis • oil leaks

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 47
front fender 58
complete clutch 212
brake shoes (front) 35 front door glass 26
timing drive 56

► Summary

Although no longer produced, it will remain the most popular car on Polish roads for a long time. In terms of cost, it is unbeatable. And when they play a vital role, it doesn't matter the lack of comfort, cramped interior and lack of dynamics. Przy odpowiedniej dbałości odwdzięczy się bezawaryjnością. Bardzo niskie koszty. Easy to maneuver . Low durability