Fiat Cinquecento – test

Z Cinquecento Polacy wiązali duże nadzieje. Już na początku lat 90. no one had any doubts, that the baby's time is running out and a more modern one is needed – cheap and reliable car. This is what Cinquecento is about.
Car body, despite being a 3-door, it is very functional. There is enough space in the front, the trunk offers 170 I. Even household appliances can be transported when the seats are folded out. The interior is full of storage compartments. The small external dimensions were used perfectly. While driving, the most irritating number of knocks in the interior – almost everything can make noise. The black varnish also turned out to be not very durable, due to the spattering, a few parts had to be painted. But there are no signs of corrosion on the body.
Not the first engine capacity of the youth 0,9 And he did well. In city traffic and up to speed 120 km / h provides good dynamics. It is neither emergency nor fuel hungry, though 6,5 l / 100 km is certainly a lot. You can clearly hear the clacking of the hydraulic tappets used. The fuel-injected version would certainly be better – the carburetor caused uneven operation several times, The exhaust gases turned out to be heavily polluted.
Pleasant in everyday use (the lack of a stabilizer on the front axle is a bit of a problem) the independent suspension was the cause of the largest expenses in the workshop.
Despite regular inspection and cleaning of the carburetor, it did not always work evenly. Important reservations can also be made to the composition of the exhaust gases.
The most sensitive part of the Cinquecento is the rear suspension. The play appears on the wishbone bushings, shock absorbers need to be replaced frequently.

90's: start of production; V 93: engine 0.9 capacity. 899 ccm, introduction of injection and electronic carburetor; II ’94: external changes; X ’94: wersja Sporting (1.1): 99: cessation of production.

Technical data
Chassis: 3-door. hatchback, dim. 3227/1487/1435 mm; weight incl. from 690 kg, order. from 400 kg; capacity. trunk 170/810 I.
Motors: 0.7: 2-cyl., benz./30 KM, 0HV, carburetor; 0.9: 4-cyl.. benz./39-41 KM, 0HV, carburetor or injection one-dnop.; 1.1: 4-cyl., benz./54 KM, single point injection.
Chassis: front drive, chest 4-(700) or 5-speed; zaw. independent. front col. McPherson, ham. discs / rear swivel arms, ham. drum.

► Faults
• szybkie zużycie tylnego zawieszenia (shock absorbers, silentblocki)
• emergency carburetor (especially 700)
• interior trim deficiencies
• usterki instalacji elektrycznej

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 149
front fender 173
complete clutch 223
brake pads (front) 65
front door glass 139
timing drive 83
Fiat Cinquecento 0.7, 1997 r.

► Summary
The car is functional, unfortunately no 5-door variant. The steering is light, the suspension is comfortable. The biggest disadvantage is outdated and failing engines 0.7 i 0.9. Maintenance costs (fuel consumption, part prices) at a very low level.

Pleasant driving. Functional body. 3-door body