Fiat Punto I – test

Fiat PuntoIn the long distance test the Punto proved without problems, that awarded him the title of Car of the Year 1995 was not an accident. The engine aroused the most recognition: known (e.g.. z Cinquecento i Seicento) unit 1.1 after traveling 100 thousand. km shows no signs of wear. The gearbox took it a bit worse, during the test, Punto went to the service for the replacement of synchronizers, and the problems with switching "one" and reverse were commonplace. The electrical installation turned out to be the source of the greatest trouble (turn signal switch, watch, coil). The car, however, proved to be durable. The body is completely corrosion-free, a few sources of noise in the interior were annoying.
A lot of good can be said about the functionality of the interior: spacious, comfortable armchairs, easy to arrange, large luggage compartment. With these features, the Punto even aspired to a class slightly higher than the B segment and was a favorite vehicle in even the farthest journeys.. Complementing this with a comfortable suspension and very low (the car was equipped with an economical transmission with a long fifth gear) burning creates a positive image, that minor faults are forgotten. It's a bit harder to forget about the complete lack of vigor. Weak engine, limited by a gearbox, he had problems with giving the car the appropriate dynamics.
Malfunction of the electrical system ( ignition coil fault) was the cause of several unplanned downtime in the service.
The reason for the unpleasant operation of the gearbox turned out to be poor synchronizers. From 1996 r. this element is made of a better material.

Lata produkcji 1993-2000. XI ’93: launch of Punto for sale; V'94: Punto Selecta with continuously variable transmission; 96: beginning of assembly in Poland; III ’99: new engines (1.2 and 1,216V); III 2000: new model.

► Technical data
Chassis: 3- and a 5-door hatch-back: dim. 3760/1625/1460 mm; time wt. from 840 kg, order. from 450 kg; capacity. trunk 275/10801; kabriolet.
Motors: 55: 4-cyl., benz., 1.1 8V/54 KM, injection unit; 75: 4-cyl., benz., 1.2 8V / 74 KM injection; 90:4-cyl., benz., 1.6 8V / 88 KM injection; TD:4-cyl.,t.diesel, 1.7/70 KM; other.
Chassis: front drive, 5-gear box or (w 1.1) 6-running man. or aut.; zaw. independent; front McPherson strut / rear swivel arms.

► Faults
• faults and incorrect operation of the gearbox (synchronizatory) • emergency electrical installation • installation imperfections • exhaust leakage and corrosion Prices of parts in PLN reflector front fender complete clutch brake pads (front) front door window timing drive
Fiat Punto 1.1, 1997 r.

► Summary
The combination of spacious interior and low operating costs had to be successful. The car conquered Europe without any problems. Modern design and high durability (engine, body) outweigh the poor dynamics of the most popular version 55. Cheap, readily available parts and service. Spacious bodywork Very low costs Lots of minor breakdowns