Ford Fiesta 1995-1999 test

ford fiestaCan a small car be considered luxurious?? The condition is definitely rich equipment and a nice finish. This is what our Fiesta was like 1.25 Ghia. Airbags, ABS, audio set, The electrically adjustable driver's seat and wood are just the highlights. However, something for something – the price of the car has skyrocketed (for this class) sizes. Elegant, The well-fitted upholstery in this case perfectly emphasized the numerous qualities of the body: comfortable armchairs, functional trunk, low noise level. It is normal for the rear seat passengers to touch the front seats with their knees.
The engine worked perfectly. 75-The modern horse power unit did not lose its vigor even in the high mountains. Maybe just burning, going beyond hard driving 10 1/100 km, not always liked. The comfortable suspension also collects positive comments.
The Fiesta proved to be a durable and unreliable vehicle. Apart from a slight undulation of the idle speed (which has not been removed by 50 thousand. km) and a broken interior temperature controller, no faults occurred. The demolition of the car revealed minor signs of corrosion (closed spaces, end of the fuel tank) and the door hinge is jammed, which had to be cut. In the engine, signs of wear could be found only on the valves and their seats.
The cause of uneven engine idling was sediment on the idle valve located in the intake manifold. The spring for the clutch release bearing has broken, the bearing was heavily contaminated with wheel dust. Vibration damping springs have formed on the dial.

Years of production 1995-99 – VlII'95: presentation of the revised Fiesta with a range of modern 16V engines (1.25 i 1.4), 3 or 5-door bodies; IX’99: extensive facelift of the model, Sport version with motor 1.6 16V/103 KM.

► Technical data
Chassis: 3- and 5-door. hatchback: dim. 3828/1634/1320 mm; weight incl. from 930 kg, order. from 435 kg; capacity. trunk 250/930 I.
Motors: 4-cyl., benz. 1.2 16V/75 KM; 4-cyl., benz, 1.3/60 KM 0HV;
4-cyl., benz., 1.4 16V/90 KM; 4-cyl., diesel 1.8 60 KM, injection into the vortex chamber.
Chassis: front drive, 5-speed gearbox or (1.2) stepless; zaw. front independent, col. McPherson, stabilizer; rear axle.

► Faults
• knocks in the front of the car • loud rolling noises • quick corrosion of the exhaust system • problems with gear shifting • lack of finish

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 372
front fender 568
complete clutch 1095
brake pads (front) 135
front door glass 300
timing drive 526
Ford Fiesta 1.25, 1997 r.

► Summary
The Fiesta has changed slightly since 95 r. clothes are perfect as a small city car. It is maneuverable, comfortable, it has a spacious interior, it sticks well to the road. It does not suffer from failures, it is permanent. A modern engine is worth recommending 1.25, we advise against a very old bike 1.3 (60 KM).

Large, comfortable interior Good driving characteristics Poor exp. basic