Harley Davidson motorcycle manufacturer

Harley Davidson motorcycle manufacturer

W 1901 year in Milwaukee, in the North American state of Wisconsin, two skilled mechanics met - William S.. Harley and Arthur Davidson - the founders of the company, which to this day is a symbol of the American motorcycle. Two years later, the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle appeared on the dusty roads of America, located on the fuel tank. Arthur's brother Walter Davidson also contributed to this success, who brought an experienced German motorcycle builder to the company.

The first three Harleys were produced under the conditions of the manufactory. These were motorcycles with a single-cylinder engine of power 2,2 kW (3 KM) and the drive transmitted to the rear wheel by means of a belt transmission. The interest in these vehicles exceeded the company's production capacity, So an additional five employees were hired and in 1906 years already produced 50 motorcycles. Both founders were skillful mechanics, but they soon understood, that the knowledge they had is insufficient to start mass production of motorcycles. William Harley began a four-year study at the University of Wisconsin. After graduating, he became the technical director of the label, and the Davidson brothers were in charge of production and sales, which in 1909 years increased to 10 000 pieces of motorcycles per year.

Thanks to its structurally mature models with single-cylinder and two-cylinder engines (with a low valve timing), Harley-Davidson brand became known even before the First World War. Motorcycles from this company had a distinctive exterior: wide footrests, foot clutch pedal, manual gear shifting, instrument cluster placed on the fuel tank and cowboy boots” wide, comfortable saddle, sprung on coil springs. In the early 1920s, next to two-cylinder motorcycles, liter, V-type engines, whose capacity has also been increased to 1200 cm3, An unusual vehicle with a horizontally arranged two-cylinder engine with a displacement appeared 584 cm3. W 1923 Two more single-cylinder models with displacement arrived in the year 350 cm3 i 500 cm3, with a low valve timing, a year 1928 — model 750 cm3.

In the thirties, the company produced a motorcycle with the largest engine capacity among mass-produced two-wheelers – 1281 cm3. Model ten, marked with the symbol 80, had a double-row clutch chain, allegedly indestructible clutch, gearbox with reverse gear, four inch tires and steering lock, which began to be used in Europe only twenty years later.

Just before the outbreak of the war, a new Harley model was presented, equipped with a two-cylinder engine with OHV overhead valve.. This vehicle, class 1000 cm3, he was the progenitor of modern models.

During the war, the famous WLA model was produced for the army, which, after demobilization, "flooded” Europe.

W 1960 Harley-Davidson was the famous Italian company Aermacchi, where he started to mount all the "small” models from 48 cm3 do 498 cm3. The famous two-stroke racing motorcycles were also built here, on which in years 1974 i 1975 Walter Villa won class titles 250 cm3. In America, only large motorcycles with displacement engines were produced 900 cm3, 996 cm3 i 1207 cm3.