HOREX 250 – year 1924

HOREX 250 – year 1924

Manufacturer: Horex Fahrzeugbau AG, Bad Homburg v. d. Hóhe, Germany

Commercial advisor Friedrich Kleemann (owner of a well-known Rex compote jar factory in Bad Homburg and the main shareholder of a company producing auxiliary engines for bicycles - Columbus-Motorenwerke in Oberursel) founded in 1923 year, on the initiative of his son, avid motorcyclist, a new joint stock company - Horex Fahrzeugbau AG, this time for the production of complete motorcycles. The name Horex was created by combining the initial letters of the Homburg headquarters and the canned brand.

The first Horex motorcycle was produced in 1924 year. Friedrich Kleemann used the engine plant in Oberursel to use the latest Columbus engine in his first model, which at that time joined the joint stock company Horex. It was a single cylinder engine with a displacement 249 cm3, with an overhead valve (OHV). The driving force was transferred from the three-speed gearbox to the rear wheel by means of a chain. The front oscillating fork was connected to a shock absorbing leaf spring and had friction lever shock absorbers. The power unit, undoubtedly the most valuable assembly of the motorcycle, was mounted in a simple tubular frame (similar engines were also supplied to Zurt and other motorcycle manufacturers). The sports successes were ensured by Horex's excellent factory team: Friedrich Kleemann the younger, Philipp Karrer and Henry Veit.

In the following years, the influence of the so-called. English school. New models with single-cylinder engines with displacement 496 cm3 i 596 cm3 had two types of timing: dolno- and overhead valve (OHV) and very much resembled their English prototypes.

The further expansion of the Horex plant was made possible by the relocation of engine production from the Columbus plant in Oberursel to the plant in Bad Homburg, in which motorcycles were mounted. The next achievements of the company include the achievement of Friedrich Kleemann junior at the inaugural races at the Nurburgring in 1927 year, in which on a Horex motorcycle 600 (with a capacity increased to 675 cm3), took in tough competition with the liter” models, jak Harley-David-son i New Imperial, third place. The success is all the more worth emphasizing, that the company did not have a department dedicated to producing racing models and directed motorcycles to competitions, which were touring rather than sports vehicles.