HUSQVARNA 50 B – year 1930

HUSQVARNA 50 B – year 1930

Manufacturer: Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB, Husqvarna, Sweden

The Husqvarna brand has been associated with motorcycle sport from the first years of its existence. Ambitious company director, Gustaw Tham, he wanted, to make his motorbikes match the most famous English brands, such as Norton or AJS. To this end, he hired w 1928 engineer Folke Mannersted and entrusted him with the construction of racing motorcycles. At the same time, he founded a team of factory players.

To the races for the Great Swedish Award, which took place in 1930 years at Saxtorps, Mannersted designed four different motorcycles. Two-cylinder, with a Husqvarna engine capacity 500 cm3, two single-cylinder engines with JAP brand capacity 500 cm3 and one two hundred and fifty, also with JAP engine. The best racing results were achieved by Yngve Eriksson, which took third place on the 500 two-cylinder. Model 500 he also brought Husqvarna approx 180 victories in national races, however, he was not lucky in international competition. The main reason was the failure of the exhaust valves. Therefore, the factory team competed on motorcycles with JAP engines, which, admittedly, had less power, but they were distinguished by high reliability.

Husqvarna shown in the image 50 B Special Racer with JAP single cylinder OHC overhead valve engine with displacement 494 cm3 was reaching power 22,8 kW (31 KM) at 6000 rpm. The three-speed gearbox was separate from the engine. The simple tubular frame had a sprung front wheel, the rear wheel was rigidly mounted”. The caliper brakes on both wheels worked reliably, even at maximum speed, amounting to 160 km/h.

W 1932 year Husqvarna has prepared a new racing model, with a two-cylinder engine. Riders on this bike: Kalen, Sunnquist and Woods made the company famous at races in Sweden, Norway and Finland in 1932,1933 and for the last time in 1935 year.