Husqvarna is a motorcycle manufacturer

Husqvarna is a motorcycle manufacturer

The renowned Swedish arms company Husqvarna started producing motorcycles in 1903 year. Its first vehicles were equipped with imported engines: Belgian brands FN with the power 0,5 kW (0,75 KM) and two-cylinder V-engines from the Swiss motorcycle company Moto Reve. After the First World War, motorcycles from Husqvarna had power units of domestic production.

The first model of its own was the z 1919 years with a two-cylinder displacement engine 546 cm3 and power 3,7 kW (5 KM), with three-speed gearbox.

The climatic conditions and the nature of the Swedish landscape predestined this country to popularize sports such as motocross and track racing on ice. The development of production in Husqvarna was therefore set in this angle and soon its motorcycles gained a good reputation among motorcycling enthusiasts. The company's high-performance motorcycles with displacement engines have brought the company worldwide fame 498 cm3, sourced from the design office of Carl Heimdal and perfected by engineer Folke Mannerstedt. Husqvarna motorcycles are equipped with two-cylinder V-engines with OHV overhead valves.. Thanks to these strong, and at the same time simple machines and great players like Stanley Woods, Gunnar Kalen and Ragnar Sunnqvist, Husqvarna achieved numerous victories at the Swedish Grand Prix and many other competitions in Finland and Norway during the 1930s.

For the last time before the war, this company participated in a speed competition in 1935 year. The TT model competed in them (with 1932 r.), equipped with a two-cylinder V-engine, with displacement 498 cm3 developing power 32,4 kW (44 KM) at 6800 rpm. This motorcycle, driven by the famous Stanley Woods, he reached maximum speed 195 km/h. Woods took Husqvarna's fourth victory in the Swedish Grand Prix.

After the Second World War, the plant switched to the production of high-quality two-stroke engines with a capacity 125 – 500 cm3, which are included in the group of the best engines for cross motorcycles in the world.