MATCHLESS TT – year 1914

MATCHLESS TT – year 1914

Manufacturer: H. Collier & Sons Ltd., London, Anglia

Charles Collier wins his own motorcycle at the Tourist Trophy in 1907 year was the beginning of a series of successes, whose authors were mostly Charles and Harry Collier. Vehicles of this company (which in 1907 year was transformed into a limited liability company) also won the Tourist Trophy in their category in 1909 i w 1910 year, in addition, they were entered on the speed record list several times. Matchless was the first English motorcycle, which in 1907 year exceeded the speed 50 miles per hour (80 km/h). A year later, he improved this result to 112 km/h, by a year 1910 set a world record for one mile speed 90 mil/h (145 km/h).

Matchless motorcycles were equipped with De Dion engines, MMC, JAP i MAG. The TT model shown in the picture, produced in small quantities especially for the Tourist Trophy races, had a power unit from the Swiss company MAG. It was a V-shaped, two-cylinder engine with a displacement 496 cm3 and power 2,6 kW (3,5 KM). The valves located in the cylinder head were actuated by the push rods. The first models had an Armstrong three-speed gearbox, located in the rear wheel hub and a belt transmission. This relatively complicated mechanism was quite unreliable, so it was soon replaced by a standalone Enfield two-speed gearbox (with manual control), while introducing a separate clutch and chain transmission. In this version with a carburetor from the excellent Amal company, the TT model developed speed 105 km/h. This motorcycle had two block brakes, acting on the front wheel rim and on the rear pulley.

After the First World War, Matchless motorcycles appeared, also with engines of this company (with displacement 347 cm3), which from 1923 years had an overhead valve (OHC).

In the 1930s, the company not only did not buy engines from other manufacturers, but it itself supplied its power units to renowned companies such as the Coventry-Eagle, Brough Superior, Morgan, Calthorpe in inside.