Mazda 626 1992-1997 test

mazda 626High customs rates, both for new and used cars, caused Mazda 626 it had no chance to gain a significant position on the Polish market. It's a pity, because it offers more than many other cars in this segment.
A significant advantage of Mazda is high reliability and durability. 100 thousand. km she covered without the slightest sensation, even after disassembling into small parts, it was not possible to find a scratch on its almost impeccable character. After all, a cracked exhaust manifold, the worn out clutch or the "short-term" brake pads are practically irrelevant here. Perfect anti-corrosion protection allows you to forget about the problem of corrosion.
To overcome by car in a pleasant way 100 thousand. km, however, more than just durability is needed. The Mazda designers also did not forget about it 1997 r. From the very beginning, it proved to be a spacious car for 5 people with luggage and comfortable. Criticism was raised by the steering system – for the lack of precision and too much support, and the running gear – too little harmonious settings and problems on wet surfaces. At higher speeds, there were noises of flowing air, while inside, bothersome crackles could be heard. The engine remained unnoticeable: he smoked little and was lively enough.
The only significant glitch, unmasked during demolition: cracked exhaust manifold. It had no effect on the overall one, a very positive picture.
The clutch parts showed signs of wear. Hardening is visible on the disc lining. The thrust bearing also works with greater difficulty.

Years of production 1992-97
I ’92: start of sales of a completely revised Mazda 626, minor combo retouching; I ’93: diesel engine debut; VI ’97: presentation of the new generation "626"; II ’98: introduction of a modernized station wagon.

► Technical data

Chassis: sd: 4-door, dim. 4695/ 1750/1400 mm; capacity. trunk 450/ 965 I; hb: 5-door, bag. 455/1100 I, combi: bag. 430/13151; time wt. from 1180 kg, order. from 465 kg.

Motors: 4-cyl., benz., 1.8/90, 105 KM; 4-cyl., benz., 2.0/115 KM; 4-cyl., benz., 2.2/115 KM (combi); V6, benz., 2.5/163 KM; 4-cyl., diesel 2.0/75 Supercharged KM. Chassis: front drive, 5-speed gearbox. man. (2.0 i 2.5 also 4-speed. Or.); zaw. independent.

► Faults
• damage to the door seals
• faults in the electrical system (contact corrosion) • noisy sunroof
• leakage of the clutch control system
• injection system failures

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 1200
front fender 750
complete clutch 850
brake pads (front) 220
front door glass 500
timing drive 600
Mazda 626 2.0 1994 r.

► Summary
Changed in 1992 year, the model completely broke with the tradition of its predecessor. He has become more elegant, safe and… a little smaller inside. Rear passengers may have the biggest problems (practically double) sofas. The dashboard is functional, but stylistically boring. Attractive design High reliability Limited service network