Mercedes SLK Chassis

Mercedes SLK 200 K. This motor will certainly not provide the genre experience offered by the basic, and the BMW Z4 version not available from us (6 cylinders, 2,2 l,170 KM). Yes, sounds nice, but it is
too weak after start. Although it has a compressor, and not turbo, you have to wait a while for the first signs of recharging. As a result, an attempt at a sharp spurt resembles a bit of Smart here (but only a little!).
In addition, it is probably better to order it with a manual gearbox. She have 6 gear ratios, and reliable colleagues, who have already checked it, they swear, that such a precise device has not yet been in a Mercedes. And yet the performance is better, because the machine used for the model 200 K is unpredictable: he always tries to shift into the highest gear as quickly as possible, even in sports mode (manual mode is, as in virtually any slot machine, just a "fancy").
And already the reactions to the sudden pressure of the gas pedal, the so-called. kickdown, This chest is incredibly lazy.
So even after disconnecting ESP, there is no effective departure from the lights with the screech of tires. Although in absolute terms (measuring) it is a really fast car.
In sum: driving the new SLK is amazing fun. They also contribute to this – the unthinkable in a convertible (even if he has such a miracle, like the rigid Vario retractable roof) – body stiffness and wonderful, firm suspension. Even on the worst surfaces, which I have chosen to test suspensions and car bodies, nor in the cockpit, Neither did NOTHING creak in the body, it did not creak! The sounds of the construction elements are detectable here only a moment after the roof has been folded, while its metal parts still fit together. And only then, if we are rolling on e.g.. "Cobblestones". Awesome! What a difference with the previous model, which even people who liked him often referred to as "rattles"!
Sitting in SLK is very comfortable, and even tall persons have plenty of space. Mercedes loses points, because there are no rear seats in it. The quality of interior finishing at the highest level. When the roof is closed, it's really very quiet in the car. Standard air conditioning is not the best. A car with an automatic and a heating system around the head would get a much higher rating. Equipment – unreservedly.
Not very powerful gasoline engine with a capacity of only 1,8 liter copes quite well with the weighing almost 1400 kg by car.
This is due to the compressor and high torque. Fuel consumption – little.
Excellent suspension allows you to drive fast without fear of losing control of the car. Of course, using common sense. ESP cannot always stabilize the track. Maneuvering is facilitated by parking sensors. For obvious reasons, there are no curtain airbags here – hence the lower score for passive safety. However, we have ESP as standard and excellent brakes. Taking into account the type of car and its technical refinement, the price does not seem exaggerated. So the high mark has its justification. The loss of value should not be too great.
The first serial Mercedes model, to which the driving properties, steering and road behavior are very hard to fault. Perfectly designed and made car, and the finish is in a class of its own. Yes, not everything is perfect yet, what should be (it is about the location of the armrest and the size of the steering wheel), but overall it's a top class car. It will satisfy even the biggest malcontents. However, for complete happiness, you should give up the automatic transmission, but absolutely order "Airscarf", seat heating and automatic temperature control. And then – just ride and enjoy it continuously.