Mercedes SLK

mercedes slk 2004Mercedes SLK looks beautiful, smartly, racially and sexy. Usually at Mercedes it ended there, but the new SLK is authentic. It drives great and, even for this brand, it is brilliantly made.
This car is making everyone's head spin, wherever it appears. The classic roadster proportions are amazing: long mask, short back, stunningly inclined glass, low body. The styling elements have been selected sensationally – the front end shamelessly borrows the style of both Formula One cars 1, and the most avant-garde sports model in the history of Mercedes – McLarena SLR. The course of the side line of the body clearly suggests, that this device was made with us-
they say about cutting through the air at tremendous speeds, and the rear with muscular creases will tell any overtaken driver, that for a moment he was dealing with something powerful and hellishly sexy at the same time. Something fantastic!
But such cars have happened many times in the history of this brand, followed by a test drive – i wraz z nią potężne rozczarowanie. It turned out, that actually on styling
everything ends. Yes, the car looks great, it has fine materials in the interior and a good engine, but together – as all – only suitable for parading on boulevards. Now is different. The new SLK is a very real sports car, even with the smallest engine, and even in conjunction with an automatic transmission. Because this was the tested specimen: 1,8 l, compressor, 163 KM and quite archaic five-speed automatic, which no one normal would call a sports one.
The car is so successful above all else, that the running gear has come to a perfect appearance, which a brand with a star has probably never offered to normal users. In short, I will say yes (although probably many people will stop liking me for such a comparison): this Mercedes drives, turns, drives and holds the road like a BMW. He is closest to Z4, but…
But its firm, the truly sporty chassis is at the same time comfortable enough, to save unpleasant sensations on our streets, even the most deviating from European Union standards. And for many potential users it will be a big plus. Especially, that this is probably the first Mercedes model, in which the steering system is precise and gives a great "feeling" of the road. And at the same time, it does not follow the ruts and does not jerk the steering wheel. Compared to his arch rival from Bavaria, he is still a bit short of it – the steering ratio and the steering wheel itself are a bit too big, so driving on a curvy road requires a full "layering", not just turning the steering wheel from crossing your hands to the left to crossing your hands to the right. However, I emphasize: it is very close to the ideal here! Especially, that road holding is brilliant, and the ESP system at the same time extremely vigilant and unobtrusive. Sure – if there is a newly developed 3.5-liter V6 under the hood, everything may be different. But first of all, I haven't tried this yet, a po drugie SLK 350 (not to mention the AMG version) to inna liga – to pierwsze sześcio cylindrowe wersje Mercedesa połączone z ultranowoczesną, seven-speed automatic transmission,
o której zdolnościach krążą legendy od czasu, when it appeared in the eight-cylinder E- and S-class saloons.
The cabin is very interesting. The layout of the individual operating elements should be assessed as absolutely flawless, style as exceptional, for a Mercedes, calm and unadorned, perfect fit, most of the materials are very good.

Nevertheless, there are places here, where the rasp is application from here, out of nowhere cheap plastic covered with silver bar. This applies, for example, to the armrests on the doors and the integrated window controls.

Since we're at the armrests – they were placed too high, what a driver of average height notices immediately when turning the steering wheel. As already
I was writing, the circle is too big, so together it has an effect, like at a gala dinner at my grandparents' house: “Keep your elbows to you!”It is all the more advisable, that the cabin is not spacious.

Here, too, you can see the similarity to the BMW Z4. I think, that it would be possible to find more space even in such a small cabin, but the limitation is the side reinforcements. If the convertible is to be safe (and Mercedes is after all the creator of the concept of "passive safety", likewise, he created the science called ergonomics), something must be sacrificed.

Anyway, even those who are reluctant to this type of body will say, that it is bearable here – especially, that this tiny car can accommodate even people taller in the cabin 200 cm without bending your knees or neck. I checked my overweight colleagues. And this rule applies not only to him-
the wrong sky (the windshield frame does not obstruct the view of dribblers), but also indoors, and even during its electric folding!
Here we come to another important issue: this roof is brilliant, and in the new SLK model probably even more brilliant than in the previous version, or even in a car referred to as "Mr Perfect", the SL model. This completely disappears in the contour of the bodywork, taking away from the trunk really little, and when unfolded, it provides excellent visibility (the most "transparent" convertible, I've been driving in my life) and absolute tightness, co z narażeniem zdrowia i z zaciśniętymi zębami sprawdziłem osobiście, driving the car through an automatic car wash.
But the new SLK is also brilliant, bucket seats, whose sportiness does not mean that you have to sacrifice driving comfort,
fantastic adjustment possibilities for both seats, as well as the steering wheel, as well as a lot of sensible storage compartments and handles. Has too, among the optional equipment, an offer for all of these, who (like me) they never considered purchasing a convertible because of the tendency to wind their neck.
It's called "Airscarf", or "air shawl". It's just an additional airflow in the back of the chair at neck height. Three-stage warm regulation (always, even immediately after starting the engine) stream of air makes any windshield limiting visibility completely unnecessary. Effect – I was slipping away in normal clothes in the open sky in temperature 7 degrees (the nights in September were cool) and I did not feel the slightest discomfort. Seat heating, efficient cabin heating and said Airscarf do the trick.
summarizing, I will write like this: on a 10-point absolute scale, I give this vehicle 9. Especially with such equipment, jak w aucie testowym. But – Caution, Caution! – except for the stipulations to the steering wheel and steering ratio, and the too low position of the turn signal lever, the position of the armrest and the quality of the material used to control the door windows, there is absolutely nothing here, which I could fault.