Mitsubishi pajero

mitsubishi pajeroThe fashion for off-road vehicles does not pass, quite the contrary – these seemingly specialized vehicles are gaining more and more followers. Because most owners of off-road vehicles do not want to get them dirty in the mud and use asphalt roads, manufacturers began to offer recreational and off-road vehicles, with slightly worse terrain properties, but wonderful, racial appearance.
However, there are real off-road cars, produced for years, which proved their qualities in the toughest conditions. Mitsubishi Pajero is one of them, manufactured from 1981 year. Perhaps such a high rating was influenced by the successes in the murderous Paris rally – Dakar, in which this brand has been continuously involved since 1983 r. Pretty soon, the Pajero was seen by individual buyers as a multi-purpose vehicle, nadający się do codziennej eksploatacji. Pajero wyróżnia się nie tylko atrakcyjnym nadwoziem, but also new, reinforced frame, guaranteeing stability and durability. The vehicle is available in 3-door, 5-seater and 5-door and 7-seater versions, differing in their wheelbase. The basic power unit is a turbocharged indirect injection diesel engine with a displacement 2,5 dm3 and power 73 kW. The driving force is constantly transmitted to the rear wheels, with the possibility of connecting the drive of the front wheels. This simple system was called Easy Select. The main driveline of the new Pajero, however, is the Super Select SS4-II system, which constantly transmits all-wheel drive. Viscous couplings installed in the central differential control the distribution of torque to the individual axles, depending on current road conditions. It is also possible to disconnect the drive of the front wheels, locks of the rear driving axle or the use of a reducer.
Other drive units work together with the Super Select system: direct injection diesel engine with a capacity of 3,2 dm3 and power 121 kW and a V6 gasoline engine also with direct injection capacity 3,5 dm3 and power 149 kW.
The elegantly designed and finished interior does not differ from the interior of traditional limousines. High driving comfort is ensured by the multi-link suspension of the front and rear axles.
Mitsubishi designers managed to reconcile excellent off-road properties with high comfort of driving on asphalt. If the head of the company goes off the beaten track with a real off-road car, has confidence, that he would come back to her. That's why Pajero is a car for real men.