Moto Guzzi manufacturer of motorcycles

Moto Guzzi manufacturer of motorcycles

Before the First World War, there were already well-known motorcycle manufacturers in Italy: Edvardo Bianchi (from 1897 r.), Borgio embers (1906), Giuseppe Gilera (1909), Bennelli brothers (1911) and Adalberto Garelli (1913). A reputable company, about world renown, there is also the Moto Guzzi factory, operating in the motorcycle industry since 1921 year.

This label was actually established a few years earlier, when is an aviator, Giorgo Parodi, along with his flight mechanic Carl Guzzi, they began making plans for their own motorcycle, jointly produced after the end of the war. Motorcycle, constructed late 1921 year in a small workshop in Mandello del Lario on Lake Como, in the north of Italy, it differed from the then popular English vehicles, or the German engine arranged horizontally in the frame in this way, that the air current was cooling the cylinder head. Valves equipped with safety pin springs were placed opposite. The flywheel was on the outside, left side of the engine. Remarkable was the great power of this single-cylinder engine - 9,7 kW (13,2 KM) - enabling you to reach speed 100 km/h.

For a long time, the company produced models with horizontally arranged single-cylinder engines; for sports purposes, however, it produced motorcycles with engines with more cylinders. W 1932 In the year, a vehicle with a four-cylinder displacement engine was produced 500 cm3, with an overhead valve (2 x OHC) and a compressor.

After the Second World War, Moto Guzzi expanded its production program with further models with engines with displacement engines 48 cm3, 65 cm3, 73 cm3, 98 cm3, 123 cm3, 153 cm3 i 192 cm3. For competitive purposes, four motorcycles were produced- and eight-cylinder displacement engines 498 cm3 (developed by engineer Giul Garcan).

In the early seventies, the company was long owned by the Guzzi and Parodi families, transferred to the Alessandro de Tomaso company, which also included another Italian company - Benelli.