MOTOCONFORT 100 – year 1924

MOTOCONFORT 100 – year 1924

Manufacturer: Motoconfort factories, Pantin, His, France

The great French motorcycle factory Motoconfort started operating in 1922 year. Initially, it produced its own models with two-stroke engines with a displacement of 100-350 cm3 and four-stroke engines, marki Blacburne, with low and overhead valve timing. The Motoconfort motorcycle shown in the illustration comes from this period 100.

This smallest model in the series had a two-stroke power unit, single cylinder long stroke engine, of a capacity 100 cm3 and power 0,73 kW (1 KM). The engine had a battery ignition and a lubrication system powered from a separate oil tank. The motor-clutch transmission was provided by a gear transmission, and the drive to the rear wheel was transferred by means of a V-belt with a special "joint"” construction (rubber-steel chain, in which the two types of elements alternate). The tubular bicycle-type frame had a front fork sprung by a coil spring. Two block brakes acted on the rear wheel pulley. On the mass 30 kg Motoconfort developed maximum speed 30 km/h. The low engine capacity and low power were also matched by low fuel consumption – 1,3 And on 100 km.

In the 1930s, the company expanded its range of vehicles with motorcycles of larger capacity classes - 500 cm3 i 750 cm3. These vehicles had air-cooled in-line two-cylinder engines, with OHV and OHC overhead valve.

After the Second World War, the label, except for the great models, specialized in small motorcycles with two-stroke engines with displacement 48 cm3, which she offered in different varieties.

Currently, the company known as Motobecane is the only manufacturer of larger motorcycles in France and a mass producer of two-wheeled vehicles with engines 48 cm3. From 1974 he works closely with the Italian concern De Tomaso, also associating the Moto-Guzzi brand, Benelli i inne.