MOTOSACOCHE 500 – year 1923

MOTOSACOCHE 500 – year 1923

Manufacturer: Motosacoche SA, Geneva, Switzerland

The history of the Swiss brand Motosacoche began in 1899 year, when brothers Henri and Armand Dufaux founded the company to manufacture MAG engines in Geneva. They were "bag-motors."”, as the German name aptly put it (Motorcycle), adapted to be suspended in a triangular bicycle frame. This auxiliary motor was designed to assist the cyclist with pedaling. The modestly started company soon became a large factory producing engines of various capacitance classes - from the smallest ones, single cylinder, up to the fork, two-cylinder, of a capacity 1000 cm3. The great success of the reliable and economical Motosacoche engines is evidenced by the fact, that they were mounted on motorcycles of such renowned companies, like Ariel, Matchless, Brough-Superior in England, Terrot and Clement in France, Imperia, Opel, Standard and Triumph in Germany. Encouraged by unflagging success, the company finally started producing its own motorcycles. One of the most interesting models was a motorcycle with a V-shaped, two-cylinder engine with a large displacement - 1200 cm3, built in 1910 year. Sports success was no stranger to this ambitious company. The Clement motorcycles made it, thanks to MAG motors (what were the names of the Motosacoche drive units), win a year 1913 French Grand Prix.

Motosacoche motorbike shown in the illustration 500 with 1923 year, he became famous for the world speed record in his class, reaching maximum speed 153,551 km/h. The factory served, that the power of its four-stroke, two-cylinder, V-type engine with displacement 495,4 cm3 was coming to 11,8 kW (16 KM). The three-speed gearbox was located separately from the engine. Block brakes applied pressure to the additional rims attached to the spokes of both wheels. Only the front wheel with a trapezoidal fork was sprung.

The Geneva plant hired W. 1927 the year of the famous English competitor and constructor Doug Marchant, which uses the experience gained at Chater-Lea in Letchworth, built a new engine for Motosacoche - a single-cylinder "500” with an overhead valve (OHC), with a king roller. Thanks to "flying bananas”, as Motosacoche motorcycles were commonly called, due to the shape of the fuel tank, paint color and high speed, the Swiss company managed to defeat famous English competitors in motorcycle races.

The last Motosacoche motorcycle was produced in 1957 year.