NEW HUDSON 500 – year 1924

NEW HUDSON 500 – year 1924

Manufacturer: New Hudson Ltd., Birmingham, Anglia

At the beginning of the development of English motorcycling, Birmingham was the largest production center. It was here that in 1909 roku firma New Hudson Cycle Company, bicycle factory, soon transformed into a factory producing motorcycles. In the 1920s it was one of the most famous English labels. The main production program was four-stroke motorcycles, single-cylinder engines with displacement 350 cm3, 500 cm3 i 600 cm3, with low and overhead valve timing (although v 1920 The two-stroke model was also produced in the year 210 cm3).

The classic representative of this period is the single-cylinder model "500″ with a four-stroke engine, dolnozazorowym, with displacement 490 cm3 and power 7 kW (9 KM) at 3000 rpm. The engine cylinder had a non-removable head. The drive unit is equipped with an excellent Amal carburetor and a spark plug from the well-known English company Lucas. Three-speed gearbox, manually operated, it was located directly behind the engine. The engine uses an open circuit of lubrication and the oil reservoir is located between the frame and the rear wheel. The simple tubular frame had a front suspension with a swinging fork sprung with three springs (stretched). Rear wheel, chain driven, it was not sprung. Both wheels had rim brakes. 'Motorcycle with curb weight 100 kg was developing maximum speed 90 km/h, using five liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

After hiring in 1920 year of the famous designer Bert Le Vack, Hudson has also distinguished itself in the sports field. In addition to the successes on the Brookland racetrack, it is worth mentioning Jimmy Guthrie's second place in the senior class of Tourist Trophy in 1927 year.

The thirties were less successful for the company. Despite the new constructions, including partially enclosed models, the factory was losing sales and eventually BSA consumed it. After the Second World War, a moped with a Villiers engine with a capacity appeared under the name New Hudson 98 cm3. W 1957 Year, the production of motorcycles was definitely discontinued.