Norton is a motorcycle manufacturer

Norton is a motorcycle manufacturer

James L. Norton, owner of a machine manufacturing company and a precursor to the automotive industry in England, started with 1901 year at its Norton Manufacturing Co. to manufacture motorcycles on Bradford Street in Birmingham. Because he lacked experience, and he wanted to start production as soon as possible, borrowed a power unit from the well-known French company Peugeot. Norton's victory encouraged him to continue his work. R. Fowlera w Tourist Trophy w 1907 year. Single-cylinder displacement engines soon followed 490 cm3 i 633 cm3, with Norton's low-valve timing gear. This construction, along with a light frame, it survived until the beginning of the 1920s.

After a year 1923 more modern models appeared, in which all the latest design solutions known in the production of motorcycles were used (e.g.. engines with overhead valve-OHV), and most of all, own experience gained in racing was used, in which the Nortons were intensively involved.

A new period began for the label in 1927 year, when the designer Walter William Moore developed the first engine with an overhead valve (OHC) with displacement 490 cm3. Alec Bennet's first start on a motorcycle marked with the CS I symbol and equipped with this power unit in the Tourist Trophy in the "Senior”, ended successfully. At the same races, Stanley Woods had the best time on one lap.

After Walter Moor left for NSU in Neckarsulm, he became chief designer, Admittedly, Norton gives way to another English brand – Sunbeam, but continues to work intensively on it, to achieve success in motorcycle sport again. Arthur Carroll succeeded, which redesigned the engine with an overhead valve (m. in. camshafts and magneto drive). This resulted in an increase in power and easier disassembly of the entire engine from the frame, which was a necessary condition for success in racing. Thanks to this, in 1931 years of Nortony – high performance motorcycles – they broke into the winning machines of the English Tourist Trophy again. Percy Hunt, Stanley Woods, Jimmy Guthrie, Frith, Danielli, Duke and the other riders did their best, to make Norton motorcycles for years 1931 —34, 1936—38, 1947 — 54 i w 1961 year, they did not leave the Tourist Trophy race track without laurels. This brand has a record history – until today – the number of wins in each category.

After the Second World War, Norton built motorcycles with single cylinder engines with overhead valves. (OHV i OHC) and parallel two-cylinder models in classes from 250 cm3 do 830 cm3. W 1956 In 2014, Associated Motor Cycles took over the label, known for her AJS and Matchless motorcycles. Before that, however, Norton and the Villiers factory were owned by a millionaire - a former car competitor – Dennisa Poore. Norton-Villiers gates finally closed in 1975 year.