NSU 1000 – year 1925

NSU 1000 – year 1925

Manufacturer: Neckarsulmer Fahrzeugwerke AG, Neckarsulm, Germany

Post-war, the series NSU models were equipped with proven V-engines, with a cylinder capacity of 496-996 cm3, mounted in tubular frames (the exception was the four-stroke engine 998 cm3, designed for racing). Belt transmission (still used a few years after the war) Due to the increasing power of the engines, it increasingly proved to be unreliable and was therefore replaced with a chain. From 1911 years met, on some motorcycle models, sprung rear wheel. This design lasted until 1925 year. Due to the condition of the surface of the then roads, it was not possible to develop too high driving speeds, therefore the two-speed gearbox was perfectly sufficient and only in 1922 year it was replaced with a three-speed gearbox.

Motorcycle NSU z 1925 year had a two-cylinder V-engine with a capacity 995 cm3 (cylinder diameter 80 mm, piston stroke 99 mm). Lots of power 11,8 kW (16 KM) - in the sports version by o 2 KM more - testified to the well-developed design of the power unit. The three-speed gearbox was separate from the engine. The chain drove the rear wheel, sprung with a spring. The front wheel was mounted in a trapezoidal fork with a coil spring and lever shock absorbers. Tires with dimensions 26 x 2 1/2 were mounted on rims of the same size. The wheels were mutually, exchangable.

From 1926 year, the company changed its name to NSU Vereinigte Fahrzeugwerke AG. Among the new models of this brand, a motorcycle with a single-cylinder displacement engine deserves a mention 248 cm3 and power 7,4 kW (10 KM) at 2000 rpm – the work of the chief designer Otto Reiz. The vehicle was gaining speed 120 km / h and made the company a lot of success in racing and reliability competitions. Like described, all late 1920s models had a double tubular frame, three-speed gearbox and automatic engine lubrication. Some of them had a dual - foot and manual - clutch control system.

Motorcycles of this brand were characterized by a very careful finish, known as: „NSU — finish”.