NSU is a motorcycle manufacturer

NSU is a motorcycle manufacturer

One of the oldest German motorcycle manufacturers, Neckarsulmer Fahrradwerke AG, was established from a former sewing machine factory, founded in 1880 year. The name of the company's products – NSU - she meant: Neckarsulmer Strickwaren Union and was derived from the name of the city of Neckarsulm (which is the company's headquarters), situated at the confluence of the Neckar and Sulm rivers. From 1887 In the year, the factory was also involved in the production of bicycles. In year 1901 the first motorcycle was built here, equipped with the Swiss Zedel engine (five years later, the first car left the factory gate).

W 1911 year the company was renamed Neckarsulmer Fahrzeugwerke AG, and just before the outbreak of the First World War, it began producing trucks. Motorcycles left the factory halls non-stop, also during the war. The first post-war NSU model 1919 He had a two-cylinder V-engine and a belt drive (which was soon replaced by a chain drive). The NSU motorcycles of that time were massive vehicles with two-cylinder engines 500 cm3, 600 cm3, 750 cm3 i 1000 high power cm3.

The economic crisis of the late 1920s also limited NSU's product range. This was especially true of cars (this part of the plant was purchased by FIAT concern and produced Italian cars there, under the brand name FIAT - NSU).

In years 1933-1934 the economic potential of the plant has increased to this extent, that the declining Berlin-based Deutsche Industrie Werke AG was taken over, the well-known motorcycle manufacturer D-Rad. A little earlier, because approx 1931 r., An outstanding motorcycle constructor of the English company Norton was engaged to the NSU, Walter William Moore, who constructed two engines: of a capacity 500 cm3 i 600 cm3. U housed them in tubular frames with a Webb front fork, equipped with a racing three-speed gearbox by Sturmey-Archer and an Amal TT carburetor. These bikes performed excellently at races. W 1930 of the year, Paul Ruttchen won the Austrian Grand Prix on such a machine, and the English player Tom Bullus, who joined the NSU with Moore, won the Grand Prize of Nations in Monza. The NSU SS super sports motorcycle constructed on the basis of this model 500 with power 14,7 kW (20 KM), called Bullus-NSU in the sports world, gave rise to new generation vehicles with engines equipped with overhead valve timing (OHV). The range of new models, designated OS and OSL, included capacity classes 200 cm3, 250 cm3, 350 cm3, 500 cm3 i 600 cm3.

In the 1930s, the production program was also expanded to include motorcycles with two-stroke engines with a capacity 200 cm3 i 125 cm3 and the famous hundreds - Ouick and Pony.

W. W. Moore left the company in 1939 year. Albert Roder was hired in his place, an excellent designer of two-cylinder engines with overhead valve timing (2 X OHC), equipped with a compressor, which have long been the cause of NSU's commercial success.

High-performance NSU motorcycles in the 1950s – Rennmaxy, and especially simpler in the design of the Sportmaxy, they were unbeatable in sports confrontations. In the 1960s, car production dominated the production of motorcycles.