Octavia. Skoda that such a road

Octavia. Skoda that such a road

How we made our first winter family car trip, in which the washer fluid froze.

I picked up the car, I watched, I listened, I blew and… I thought, that I am experiencing a fall. Neither is it especially neat, nor dynamic, and certainly not "some". Just a car, which are full of roads. However, we decided not to be discouraged by the external appearance, which is what, everyone knows – straight line, some slight embossing, an absolute classic and no madness. We got inside. And there – extremely familiar. Skoda has it to themselves, that they look like Volkswagen – or vice versa. It is practically, with a lot of space and a perfectly matched amount of gadgets. It's normal – no fireworks, but we didn't feel like the city's poor either. So we set off in the family car on a small family tour.

After driving 5km and some 40 minutes we reached the Zawisza roundabout. After another 50 minutes we passed the sign informing about leaving Warsaw. The relief was all the greater, that at that time Skodzina drank gasoline like a dragon after eating a sheep from Szewczyk Dratewka. After leaving Warsaw, another problem began, entitled. "Difficult road conditions". Snow was falling, it was wet, slippery and full of cars around. No chance of overtaking? Not necessarily. You can feel safe in Octavia, in addition, the engine is quite snappy and you can safely overtake it, especially after dark, when seen, if something is coming from the opposite direction. And that sound… Although it's just 1.4, the engine generates 122 KM and sounds quite nice. In the end, we got a car with a gasoline engine, and not only diesels and diesels, and as is commonly known "TDI engines are for older citizens". However, there was a "minor" problem on the route: as soon as I tried to attach to someone who was going faster, that someone would immediately slow down and hide. I suspect, that because it's Octavia, and it is in a dark color, we were taken for the police. Well, maybe we saved someone from some accident?

On Saturday morning we went to Krakow. Skodzina turned from a car for a couple into a family hauler. In the back, where there is really a lot of space, Mama bloomed, I felt like Gerda in the land of the Snow Queen. There are plains around us, the sun slightly behind the fog, unclear, blurred, as if it was too weak, to shine more brightly. On top of that, everything was covered with snow, which we just ran over. Nobody rode this road ahead of us – at least not for the previous few hours. Snow everywhere, snow-free roads and ice in two consecutive rather sharp turns. Octavia slips a bit, but I keep the car under control, not a car above me. Perhaps it was freezing outside. We were warm inside (there is dual-zone air conditioning so no arguments about what the temperature should be) thanks to heated seats, which in winter I adore with all my being. Speaking of seats, the driving position is moderately high, I didn't feel like I was in a fire truck. After reaching the village, frost stung my cheeks, snow crunched under my boots, and in your lungs you could feel the frosty air penetrating all veins.

In the countryside, potatoes ended up in a cavernous trunk, vegetables and other delicacies straight from Grandpa. Don't think, that for this reason Skodzina lost its dynamics. On our way back, we chose a side road, which avoided hugging places “seven”. Turned out, it's a bull's eye. As usual, we were accompanied by Marcin Kydryński and his program "Siesta". We were racing along a narrower than usual road, passing cars from time to time. The sun has already hidden – these were one of the shortest days of the year. It turned gray and gloomy, as if we were entering some forbidden areas, which had not yet been discovered. But the headlights with adaptive illumination of the road worked – you could see everything. After several dozen minutes of driving, when we returned to the main road, we discovered it, that our sprinklers are frozen. Even despite the fact, that the heater nozzles were heated.

In the city of Octavia will also work: will hold your purchases, it will facilitate parking in winter thanks to the illumination of the road and parking sensors. There is, of course, a run recommendation, which will allow for economical use of fuel, which we will certainly appreciate in urban conditions, where Octavia turns into a fuel hungry, insatiable beast. But: from lights to lights, you can find out, that breaks traction to third gear – it is not a feat, but it surprises, because I thought of Octavia as a bored koala, which chews only the next eucalyptus leaves, indifferent to everything else.

The Octavia Fresh we tested was based on the Ambition version. Provides automatic dual-zone air conditioning, radio with MP3 playback, and light alloy wheels. In addition, you will find water lockers and holders for tickets from the parking lot. Price? 80 thousand. Much or little? The price includes a huge trunk and certainty, that everyone (almost) will pull off the road for fear of starring in an action movie. But also some other gadgets. However, giving up some luxuries, such as rain sensors, parking, nets in the trunk and others can lower the price to 75 thousand zlotys. We Skoda theoretically do not want, but we test other cars and the thread keeps coming back, that the Octavia Combi was the best and fastest to drive. Perhaps that is why Skoda is the most-bought cars in Poland ;-).