OPEL 2 3/4 PS – year 1905

OPEL 2 3/4 PS – year 1905

Manufacturer: Adam Opel, Motor vehicles & Bicycle works, Russelsheim nad Menem, Germany

W 1862 Adam Opel year, founder of the company of the same name in the town of Russelsheim, began to produce sewing machines for tailors and shoemakers. In a short time, the small manufactory turned into a factory, in which in 1866 The production of bicycles was also started in the year. In addition to good quality products, the success of the owner's five sons also contributed to the popularity of the company: Charles, Fritz, Heinrich, Ludwik and Wilhelm, in cycling races. After Adam Opel's death in 1895 year, The then novelty caught the attention of five young people – motor vehicles - which they have chosen to produce at their factory. They used the Lutzmann patent to build the first car, owner of a horse vehicle factory. Opel Patent Motor Car System Luz-mann, produced in years 1897-1900 did not bring the expected successes. Therefore, from 1902 year, Opel produces successful cars of its own design, thanks to which he was among the leading car companies in Germany.

Opel started the production of motorcycles in 1901 year. In the first period, in years 1901 — 1908, they were powerful motorcycles with different engine power: 1,3 kW(1,75 KM), 2 kW (2,75 KM) or 2,6 kW(3,5 KM).

Model shown in the picture 2 3/4 The PS had an air-cooled four-stroke engine with displacement 204 cm3. In the lubrication system – open type – a manual oil pump is used.

The engine was placed in a simple tubular frame. The rear wheel was driven by a V-belt. The motorcycle was started by pedals, which when moving backwards activated the torpedo brake, located in the rear wheel hub. Only the saddle was sprung.

After a few years' break in the production of motorcycles, caused by the increased production of cars under the license of Darracq, w 1913 year, Opel bikes appeared again. After the First World War, the production program of the plant included auxiliary engines for bicycles and small motorcycles with engines with displacement 148 cm3.