A mid-range spacecraft. OPEL ASTRA – test

It is impossible to hide, that horizontal lightning bolt cars have something to them. They do not shine with wealth in the eyes like a gold chain of a tracksuit from a shady neighborhood. They are classic, and at the same time pugnacious. But what about Astra, which someone is attaching a trunk to its nice line?

I didn't really like the elongated Astra. It's not a limousine, ni is a city car, I don't even know if it's family or for a childless couple. Following the example of the lady from the Ace advertisement from the old days, I am close to the statement: “if something is good for everything it sucks”. The shorter version of Astra conquers my heart more, and the 3-door version works best for me. It is obvious, that car, which has more than 3 the door is no longer a car, and the truck. I associate sedans with cars in general, which someone forcefully attached the bottom to the trunk. But it's different here. The Astra has avoided the impression of a sticky abdomen and just looks like an Insignia. In addition, very nice shape xenon headlights add to its charm. On the trend of car makers moving towards it, that all cars look the same regardless of size I will not comment, because this is a topic for a separate post. Beauty certainly cannot be denied – classic, quite low line looks elegant, but not grandpa. By car, you can ask for chic in the city and beyond.

“I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly past the sky”

Of all the Astra models, the sedan appears to be the most subdued, not to say boring. It fits rather not 20-year-olds, but 40-year-old doctors or other doctors. But when you get in, a 40-year-old unaccustomed to Opel may give up. The console around the radio looks like straight from the spaceship he mentioned with the rest of Kanye West in one of his tracks – glows red and is oh oh modern. So modern, that selecting a different radio station may result in an accident, because you fall into a black hole pressing the next buttons. There are really a lot of them, I would even make a statement, that too much, but it can actually be an enormous experience for a passenger. Driver… well, should choose his favorite radio, turn them on before starting your journey and then turn them down or up. It's just that the interior is inversely proportional to the exterior – the splendor of modernity and futurism, which you don't notice when you stand outside. However, he cannot be denied a decent appearance – the plastic does not beat in the eyes and, apart from the button-stuffing, everything looks nice and is well composed. The same is with the displays, to which to look at with pleasure – especially when they light up red with the sport package turned on. I like Opel for small tastes, which improve the aesthetic comfort of driving. Besides, another plus is the fact, that if someone was driving an Opel, it won't survive the surprise, even if he changed to Astra from the larger Insignia – well, user comfort above all.

Gloves? Throw it on the back seat!

You must know this disgusting feeling: winter is not winter, but the gloves have to be taken off and put them frozen on the even colder steering wheel. Kneel the nations before the new Astra – there is a steering wheel heating. You get in, you fire up, you turn on your butt heating, and then the steering wheel heating – live not die. It doesn't get too hot so don't worry, that it will suddenly start to burn. And that jealous look of Wojtek – According to him, a spark appeared in my eyes. I don't know if there is a spark, but certainly a gleam of satisfaction. Finally, one of the winter ills is forgotten… I'm cold at all, so I warm myself up in my car as much as I can. That's why we appreciated the dual-zone air conditioning. Wojtek had his own 18 degrees, and me 23. No quarrels, scuffle and stealthy turning the knob, because "maybe he won't notice".

Who will sit comfortably

So let's sit back and move. Apparently, the seats should be more comfortable in the new Astra, all of them are certified by medical specialists associated with the Action for Healthy Back in Germany. Their shape is not only to ensure good grip during turns, but also keep your back in proper condition, from the point of view of medicine, position. Well, in fact, Wojtek did not particularly like them, but I felt quite comfortable. You know, it's not a Recaro, nor the perfect seats straight from a Volvo (but, Volvo…), but they were supporting me properly on my sides, they did not squeeze my legs and were neither very soft nor very hard. As a result, Wojtek complained about the lack of comfort all the way to Korabiewice, every now and then pausing with remarks about the surrounding landscape. I, on the other hand, felt a bit like a nice golden tin protected from external ugliness. This Astra cannot be denied: you feel like a queen in her. It is elegant, with class and high life in general. It is not a total luxury, because it's not this class of cars, but you can really feel comfortable. There is a sports package for those who want more thrills, which primarily illuminates the displays in red, very nice with the rest. The difference is not very appreciable, it's maybe a bit more rigid, so it doesn't rock you while driving through potholes as you do when cruising on the lake.


This is my personal opinion, but in the city I like to drive cars without abdomens. This makes parking much easier. But in the Astra, parking sensors and pretty good mirrors make it easy to maneuver around the city – squeezing into a parking space or the adjacent lane while driving in a traffic jam. Perhaps in these cases my unfailing smile worked, but let's stick to the version, that it is Astra's merit. As is the back seat – we admit without hitting – we do not know. We didn't drive anyone with Astra, We didn't test the trunk either – its capacity is 460 l. Looking at him, I find it, that the doctor is free to carry his suitcase in it, and couples without children go shopping or even a 2-week vacation. There is plenty of space. Burning at a level of approx 7 liters won't kill our wallet, unless gasoline prices skyrocket. Of course, fuel consumption drops on the road and you can feel like you are on a cruise. The Astra is the perfect car for family trips. Much better for this than for conquering a city. Maybe that's why we escaped to Korabiewice first, and then to Kazimierz for a Sunday walk combined with the consumption of waffles. It is comfortable and nice on the road, unless, however, the seats are not for you and your back hurts. If you press in on the freeway, then you need to turn up the volume of the radio a bit. On the other hand, at 120 km / h, you do not feel the speed at all and it is quiet, which almost brought us a fine, however, we were more fortunate than smart :-).

I think we are in Masuria!

In Astra, I also experienced another moment of consternation. Although we were going to Korabiewice, take homeless dogs for a walk, then suddenly I started to wonder if I was in a Masurian meadow among a herd of storks. In Astra, for the first time in a long time, I heard ... a diesel clatter. But what a clatter it is! Clatter in the highest style like stork clatter in summer in a Masurian meadow. Until I didn't believe it, I poked Wojtek, I muted the radio and so accelerated and slowed down to show him a real masterpiece of clatter. But other than that, it's nice: the engine clatters quite flexible, although I use my custom quite a strong reduction in overtaking. The chest is short, the gears shift perfectly, and overtaking is not much of a problem.

Would we like such a car? I do not think so. In him I felt like a sedate old lady, which I most definitely am not. Maybe it was the color, but I feel inside, that it is about this attached trunk. Serious Astra is not it, what tigers like best. Therefore, I was not interested in the price, which I suppose is not small at all. Perhaps for 10 I will be sighing for sedans for years, but so far I'm rather on it. Which does not change the fact, that if you are looking for comfort, elegance and reliability, then Astra will surely be a good choice.