Opel Vectra B test

opel vectra bThe start of the test was not very kind for Opel. The atmosphere inside the car broke after 10 thousand. km. The perpetrator turned out to be a noisy dashboard. The fault has been removed, but soon there was noises on the rear axle. And here the intervention of the mechanics brought the expected effect. After that, Vectra did not cause such unpleasant surprises.
Spacious interior and luggage compartment, properly constructed seats, sure, but not the significant hallmarks of the car. There were less significant criticisms beside it: difficult to engage reverse gear, sluggish engine. The gearbox gradation is responsible for the lack of dynamics of the drive unit. The positive effect of such a solution is considerable savings, however, the reluctance to fully depress the "accelerator" pedal causes, that the alternative short-ratio gearbox offered was a huge success.
Vectra established a good image after its demolition. Perfect corrosion protection and a durable motor bode well for the future. Meanwhile, you can notice a noticeable play on the driveshafts and the use of somewhat poor materials here and there (e.g.. cracked exhaust manifold, corroded exhaust flanges). The blame for the lack of grease on the toggle lever (difficulties with retrograde) bears the service. Already after a slight mileage, noise appeared in the rear axle. The wheel bearings needed to be inspected. Later there were no such surprises. You can see the places immediately, in which the manufacturer wanted to save a little. The blame for the crack in the exhaust manifold is poor material.

Production – VIII ’95: Vectra B debut; IX ’96: estate body, engines 2.5 V6 and 2.0 Dl; IX *97: Dl engine also in version 100 KM; IX ’98: presentation of the limited i500 series; II ’99: delicate car body retouching.

► Technical data
Chassis: 4-, 5-door. sd, hb: dim. 4477/1707/1428 mm: capacity. luggage, sd 500/790 I, hb 480/790 I; combi: length. 4490 mm, capacity. luggage. 460/1490 I. Motors: benz., 4-cyl.: 1.6/75 KM, 1.6 16W101 KM, 1.8 16W116 KM, 2.0 16N//136; benz.V6 24V: 2.5/170 KM; 4-cyl. turbodiesle: 1.7/82 KM, 2.0 16V/82,100 KM (direct injection).
Chassis: front drive, 5-speed gearbox. man. or 4-pole. Or.; zaw. independent. front col. McPherson, rear multi-link axle.

► Faults
• damage to timing belts (tensioner change)
• oil leaks (chest, oil pump)
• faulty fuel pump (benz.)
• the cylinder head gasket is blown (D)

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 462
front fender 430
complete clutch 1379
brake pads (front) 271
front door glass 204
timing drive 527
Opel Vectra B 1.8, 1998 r.

► Summary
Success, what the predecessor did, as if automatically it also became the participation of Vectra B.. No wonder – the nice exterior is spacious and well-equipped, mechanical components ensure a comfortable and safe journey. The basic engines are a bit weak.
Modern design. Comfortable interior. High operating costs