Peugeot 406 test

peugeot 406A very good engine, comfortable and spacious interior and elegant design – These features made Peugeot a success 406. It was a car willingly used in long journeys, the more so because the failures in this case turned out to be completely alien. The trip was also made orderly, functional cockpit. The seats, however, aroused controversy: one liked it, others not. They cannot be denied good lateral support and stiffness. The headrests and the seat are small.
Traditional turbodiesels, in which fuel is not injected directly into the combustion chamber, they have practically disappeared from the salon offer. This does not mean, however, that the owners of "406" 2.1 they must fall into complexes. The big car was average 8 1/100 km. The spontaneous response of the engine to the addition of gas and its flexibility was delightful. There were also negative points – for the noise coming from under the bonnet, especially when the drive unit has not yet warmed up, and for vibration of a cold engine.
The "406" liked not only its operational properties. There was no need to replace the brake pads, and the only fault was with the dashboard – first the fuel gauge was replaced, then a whole set of clocks. Diesel fuel leaks are the result of a small cullet, Peugeot did. Good anti-corrosion protection is worth emphasizing.
The engine did a great job: lively, frugal, dynamic. Only noise is critical, annoying especially when the engine is cold.
The salt deposits look like dunes. However, the excellent corrosion protection protects against any damage.

Production IX '95: market debut of the "406" model; VII ’96: 2-liter, gasoline turbo engine; IX ’96: station wagon and top engine 2.9; IX ’98: modern diesels from Common Raił; III ’99: body restyling.

► Technical data
Chassis: 4-door. then: dim. 4555/1756/1396 mm, capacity. trunk 430 I; combi: length. 4725 mm, capacity. trunk 525/1740 I.
Motors: 4-cyl., benz.: 1.6 8V/88 KM. 1.8 16V / 110, 2.0 16V / 132, 147 (turbo); V6, benz., 2.9 24W190; 4-cyl., turbodiesie: 1.9/90, 2.0/90-110 (direct injection), 2.1 12V / 109.
Chassis: front drive, 5-speed gearbox. man. or 4-pole. Or.; zaw. independent: front col. McPherson, rear multi-link axle.

► Faults
• wear of the brake discs
• oil leaks (engine and gearbox)
• minor engine damage (e.g.. overheating)
• clutch wear (2.1 td)
• failure of the immobilizer and the battery

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 687
front fender 605
complete clutch 1516
brake pads (front) 214
front door glass 262
timing drive 550
Peugeot 406 2.1 td, 1998 r.

► Summary
An elegant car for a nice price. The Peugeot middle class tempts with good equipment, modern design and dynamic engines. The interior is spacious and comfortable. The station wagon offers one of the largest luggage compartments in its class. Failure rate at a decent level. Elegant design. Driving comfort. A big loss in value