PEUGEOT 500 – year 1913

PEUGEOT 500 – year 1913

Production: Motorcycles Peugeot, Paris, France

A well-known French company, one of the founders of the car and motorcycle industry in France, began producing motorcycles in 1899 year. They were vehicles with one thing- and two-cylinder engines, whose fame began with their first races (high-class competitors competed on Peugeot cars: Cissac, Giuponne i inni). Peugeot motorcycles were superior to their competitors, especially in terms of their engine power and speed – exceeding 100 km/h.

The new period for Peugeot begins with the employment of Swiss engineer Ernest Henry, which after successes in the car competition for the ACF Grand Prix (in years 1912 i 1913), realized his project of a modern racing motorcycle.

Henry's vehicle had a two-cylinder, four-stroke engine 498 cm3. Timing design system with two shafts in the cylinder head (2 x OHC), driven by gears caused, that the company was ahead of the competition by several years. Four valves in each cylinder ensured good filling and flushing every m. in. made it possible to "screw up” power to 11 kW (15 KM). The innovative design solutions also included locking the engine with a three-speed gearbox. A simple tubular frame was open at the bottom. The front wheel was sprung, back – suspended rigidly. The motorcycle developed maximum speed 115 km/h. The sports premiere of the vehicle was scheduled for the French Grand Prix in 1913 year. However, at the last minute, the company gave preference to the older but proven model with a V-shaped two-cylinder engine..

During the First World War, this extremely sporty motorcycle did not have much use. In the early 1920s, he was no longer able to compete and therefore Lessman Antoinescu, an engineer of Romanian origin, entrusted with the task of redesigning this motorcycle, in line with the latest technical developments. Antoinescu simplified the relatively complicated timing: only one camshaft was left behind, reduced - by half - the number of valves and replaced the gear train with a vertical king shaft. Turned out, that the reworked engine achieved exceptionally high power - 19,9 kW (27 KM) at 5000 rpm. Modernized Peugeot 500 won the Grand Prix of Nations in the Italian Monza in 1923 year, where he obtained the average speed 120 km/h.