SAROLEA 500 23 M – year 1926

SAROLEA 500 23 M – year 1926

Manufacturer: Ets. Sarolea, Herstal, Liege, Belgium

Together with Minerva and FN, Sarolea is one of the founders of the Belgian motorcycle industry and, at the same time, to the oldest motorcycle companies in the world. This company has been around since 1898 In the year, it produced its own touring and racing motorcycles and also supplied its reliable engines to other motorcycle manufacturers. Motorcycles of this brand from the 1920s were equipped with four-stroke single-cylinder engines with a lower timing- and overhead valve OHV, of a capacity 346 cm3 i 496 cm3, structurally similar to English engines.

Motorcycle Sarolea 23 M z 1926 the year was one of the most successful vehicles of this period. Single cylinder, The air-cooled engine of this motorcycle had an overhead valve (OHV) and displacement 496 cm3. It was distinguished by a double lubrication system, because in addition to the mechanical oil pump, it had an additional one, manual, launched in severe off-road conditions or at higher speeds. A simple tubular frame was open at the bottom. The front suspension with a swinging fork had two coil springs and two friction shock absorbers. The rear wheel was not sprung. The steering wheel, mounted in clamps, can be adjusted to the correct position. Both wheels had rim brakes. Motorcycles were equipped with engines of different power. The model is standard version 23 M was developing top speed 125 km/h.

Sarolea 500 23 M made a name for itself in 1924 of the year at the Giro d'ltalia races, which during this period were considered the most difficult. The competition was attended by the best Italian racing teams. First, third, Seventh and thirteenth places ensured Sarolea both team and individual victory. A year later, the company was awarded the overall award in Italy for 23 victories in one year.

The year brought the last successes 1926, in which the Sarolei factory team participated in the Giro Motociclistico d'ltalia races. Belgian motorcycles were the first four times in the fourth stage, three times first in the second and four times first in the sixth. The victories in the general classification deprived her of… nails on the last stretch of the route.