Sarolea motorcycle manufacturer

Sarolea motorcycle manufacturer

The first Sarolea motorcycles began leaving the factory in Herstal, Belgium in 1898 year. The Maison Sarolea label was established in 1850 w lounger, as a factory of the arms industry. Initially, it specialized in products in the field of precision mechanics, the most famous of which were firearms, then it started producing bicycles, and just before starting the production of motorcycles - tricycles with engines purchased from other companies.

Leading Belgian motorcycle companies at the beginning of the 20th century, like Minerva, FN and Sarolea have established cooperation, to promote their products on the foreign motorcycle market, which they managed to successfully implement.

At the end of World War I, the production of bicycles with an auxiliary engine ended in Sarolea and the production of vehicles began, which by participating in motorcycle races would bring publicity to the company. At the same time, the principle was promoted (used in serial production as well as racing motorcycles), that it is best to win outlets thanks to good quality and reliability of products, and not by constructive fancy. The rightness of this policy was confirmed by victories in 1923 year in competition on the route Liege- Nice — Liege and the Belgian Grand Prix in the same year.

The production assortment of the plants was increased at the end of the 1920s. At that time, in addition to classic four-stroke motorcycles 350 cm3 i 500 cm3, models with two-stroke engines with displacement began to be produced 124 cm3, 147 cm3 i 174 cm3.

After the Second World War, Sarolea's representative models were motorcycles with two-cylinder in-line engines with a capacity of 498 cm3 i 598 cm3.

In the fifties, when did individual motorcycle companies specialize in Belgium, Sarolea started producing motorcycles with two-stroke engines, shipped from llo companies, Sachs and Mi-Val (with displacement 50 cm3 do 250 cm3). The Sarolea factory has abandoned the production of two-wheelers in 1957 year.